23rd November 1997


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That Majestic vision

MCThe Annual Report of CT Land Develop ment Ltd., states: "Majestic city'' has established a reputation as a premier shopping mall in the country, and has, in its own way, contributed towards the provision of excellent leisure and shopping facilities which are pre-requisites for a capital city such as Colombo.

The need today is for shopping and leisure complexes providing amenities that not only add value to the life style of people, but also attract and cater to the needs of tourists. With Sri Lanka likely to be a strong contender as the investment centre of the SAARC region in the foreseeable future, it is necessary to cater to the anticipated influx of visitors by increasing infrastructure facilities such as shopping complexes and entertainment complexes.''

These excerpts show that the Management of CT Land Development have a vision for the shopping complex, and that there is a stated effort to make the complex "attractive to visitors'', both as a shopping complex and a leisure facility.

Apart from obvious security concerns, which have been addressed separately by the security arm of the complex, the rest of the effort is to enhance the facilities keeping in mind the fact that Colombo is projected as an investment centre for the SAARC region.

Mr Page (Jnr.,) says that the company is always on the watchout for ways of improving the complex, and that customer suggestions which may come from people who have visited other shopping complexes in the world, are particularly welcome.

However, speaking about general courtesy and regulating tenants, Mr Page muses that the tenants always "come up with impediments " when improvements in the area of general courtesy etc., are suggested.

He acknowledges that it is in the best interests of the property developer and the owners to enhance the attributes of the complex, and to make the tenants see sense pertaining to matters such as elementary courtesy. "Some tour groups bring busloads of foreigners to the shopping complex, " he says.

Obviously, Mr Page nor his company wants tourists, particularly, to see the dream shopping complex of theirs marred by errant shop owners. But, is there a real will to see that "Colombo is the investment centre of SAARC?". Are we inculcated with a proper business-sense, or are we just boors who will do our thing , the customer be damned?

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