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19th October 1997


Don't take people for granted

My darling daughter,Dear Daughetr

I am sorry I could not write to you all these days. I was sick and I did not want to bother you. It is strange the thoughts that come into one's mind when one is ill. In a sense you see people in a different perspective. You tend to appreciate others more - Often, daughter we take the concern and care people show for granted - We feel so independent and assume that we can do everything overselves - We don't need others and then - suddenly you are sick - and how much you need others - the love and concern shown by your friends - the greetings, the smiles, the cards, the fruits and the flowers sent. The visits - how important they become.

It is then you realize how dependent we are for our happiness on the concern shown by others - When the grubby little girl next door brought me an equally grubby piece of chocolate and came along to keep me company, I thought how wonderful it is to have friends who are caring, and are willing to show their concern. Today, even with all the rush and stress there is, that people can spare a little time makes one - feel wanted. It gives a person the will to live again and fight whatever the illness be.

Daughter, I would wish that you and your friends too find some time to visit those whom you know are sick. To a patient lying in bed day after day, worried and in pain, a visit from a friend, a cheerful word - the concern and care shown, can make all the difference.


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