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13th April 1997



Mind Your Business

by Business Bug

Smoke for healthcare

Increasing the price of liquor and cigarettes was long recognised as a budget 'tradition'.

But now, there is likely to be a significant price hike in these two commodities much before the budget.

That is because a team of professionals have recommended a new tax of sorts on these two products - which will raise funds that will be chanelled towards providing more healthcare facilities in the state run hospitals...

A cold war

Remember the Cola War?

That was when the two Colas were fighting each other for a lion's share of the local market.

And, at that time, the lion's share was taken by the Elephant purely because some beverages were on strike.

But now all that is over, and the elephants share is on the decline again.

At the moment it's an even contest, but the lion's share is likely to go again to the beverages which is why they are planning for an increase in production for the festive season....

Hopes rise a new

The 'exchange of letters' between the Government and the Opposition has fueled hope, even at the Colombo Stock Market.

The market will rush towards the 700 level when trading resumes after the New Year, most brokers have advised overseas clients.

And all would be well, they say, provided a bomb or power cuts do not intervene....

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