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Taking off on his own solo path

Taking off on his own solo path

Having been in the Army Medical Corps until 2016, and giving serious thought to music only in 2017, lyricist and rap artist R.V. Dulanja Alwis, a.k.a. Dulan ARX of ‘Manike Mage Hithe’ fame is making waves with his recently released single on  YouTube Riding on the high of being the principal lyricist for the runaway [...]

‘Aiyo Alice’, a game changer

‘Aiyo Alice’,  a game changer

“In the game ‘Aiyo Alice’ when Andy has to pass through the train carriage we see a group of people who are sick and not wearing masks. They are also not following COVID-19 health guidelines such as maintaining social distance.”  “Andy is able to pick up masks on the way and even get a health [...]

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