There are some people who light the fireworks before the celebration and then regret as they do not have any fireworks to light during the celebration in order to commemorate the joy. There are also several people who are impatient to experience premarital sex, they feel dispassionate after marriage, as they have eaten the pudding [...]


Do not Light the Fireworks Before the Celebration


There are some people who light the fireworks before the celebration and then regret as they do not have any fireworks to light during the celebration in order to commemorate the joy.

There are also several people who are impatient to experience premarital sex, they feel dispassionate after marriage, as they have eaten the pudding before the party. You should not wear your newly sewn wedding attire to your friend’s wedding even though it falls a few days prior to your wedding. Each and every season is pre arranged for a specific purpose, if one plays the role of the other then the beauty of that season will be lost.

Winter unveils what it ought to, Autumn brings forth its nature, Summer depicts what it is bound to and Spring proceeds with what it’s called for.

If one overlaps the other, one of them will surely lose the significance of its existence thus it would be incompetent to make an impact on the lives of the people. How many of us regret not being wholly present at a particular moment?

We engage ourselves in another instance that is scheduled at a different time. When we won the Cricket World Cup, I was in Australia. All the preparations were done to enjoy the match until the end. We had all that was needed to watch a match. All of us were seated in front of the television gleefully.

However, during the first part of the match when the Australian’s were batting, my greedy flesh pushed me towards consuming alcohol excessively. All I recall is that I was lying flat on the ground. Due to my disastrous craving for alcohol, I was unable to enjoy the priceless match. I missed the peak of joy due to the decisions I took in advance by listening to my flesh over my original mission.

Likewise, I have lost many supreme moments of joy in my life as I was impatient to walk the journey till the end of the moment of real joy.

Most of the adults as well as youngsters are on the same page that I used to be twenty years ago. There must be a generational stop to this situation. Otherwise, regretfully this practice will become a part and parcel of the next generation as well. Therefore, do not die before your death.

Many people are physically alive, yet they have departed from their happiness. If you do not experience happiness in various stages in your life due to the impatient decisions you have taken just to feed the stubborn cravings of your five senses, then you will be partly deceased before your actual death.

I have seen many people whose bank balances are in billions, but in terms of happiness their balances are zero. One of the foremost reasons for that to happen is due to lighting the fireworks before the celebration.

A pizza will lose its flavor if it is half baked. Even though the oven may be hot and fiery, it must undergo the entire baking process if it is to taste its best. If the pizza was a human, and he tries to jump out of the oven half way through, screaming that it cannot handle the heat, then it would not be able to reach its full potential. People would undoubtedly reject a half baked pizza, it is not what is sought in the market.

Endurance results in perfection. You cannot acquire the fruits before the flowers. There is a stage the plant bears flowers and then it reaches the stage that it bears fruit. Do not allow your impatient desires and thoughts to overrule your timely happiness and achievements.

Do not let your children sleep after the alarm goes off, by doing so you are permitting them to feed their untimely decisions. The right decision must be taken at the right time.

If not you will be dead before you reach your actual death. I was a brilliant student at St. Joseph’s College, everybody expected that I would be selected to the engineering faculty. Yet, instead of being present in the classroom I was at the film hall. Instead of studying at night I was continuously smoking marijuana at the beach.

Whilst everybody else celebrated their achievements after the examination results were released, I was suffering in the streets as a junky with tears in my eyes. My flesh blind folded me and I constantly entertained it till I had no authority over it. I was rather controlled by it until I became a slave of it. Once you become a slave of something or someone then you are sure to die though you breathe. Oxygen without happiness is what I define as dead before death.

If you do not fulfill the requirements of the moment then you will regret it at the time of harvest. What is more important to you, a bountiful harvest? Or a handful of flowers without a harvest? Challenge your thoughts until they are completely under your vision. Nevertheless, premature thoughts, feelings and emotions will captivate your vision and transform you into a walking skeleton.

An unhappy human is like a skeleton without a body. This very moment will never come again. At the age of five, please let your children draw on the walls, as you could repaint the walls whenever you want to but you can never provide them the opportunity to relive their lives and witness the joy as a five year old.

If you pay a visit to my residence, you will see that it is a beautiful mansion outwardly but its interior is like a museum.

My six year old daughter Esther has drawn all over the walls in different colours. We decided to let her do it as it is the joy of freedom that she should enjoy at this age. Should we pawn it for our selfish and pride oriented ego. So that we can reveal to our visitors that we live in an extraordinarily beautiful and orderly house? Ego above our six year old innocent daughter’s joy.

Do not opt for too many intervals than what you have originally been provided. By doing so you are training your five senses and your mind to override the norm.

You are training them to constantly request for advance payments. For the past 15 years, I have never requested a salary advance, as I have trained my mind to be gratified with what I possess. Organise and train yourself to live to the fullest with what you have. Do not deviate from the goal of the moment, if you do so you will not be able to harvest the maximum as you have invested your resource on an unproductive activity during the process. If you are seated in front of the television when you ought to be taking the clothes from the line as it is about to rain, then you would not have clothes to wear the following day. Sleep when you have the opportunity to sleep unless you will lose a considerable number of hours of sleep that you might not be able to regain in the future. Drink your cup of tea while it is hot, as you would not be able to attain the same satisfaction when the tea is cold.

Do not die before your death. Live life to its fullest. Do not consume the dessert before the meal. Not only will you fail to enjoy the flavoursome meal but you will also lose the opportunity of enjoying a dessert after your meal.

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