Some time ago, Elephant House Ginger Beer was merely a drink that was placed next to the hospital beds. It competed in a very small market with brands such as Morawaka Medito, Peyawa and Soda. It was commonly consumed by the sick. Out of the twenty million people at that particular time, it had a [...]


Don’t Use Mangoes for Fishing as Fish like Worms


Some time ago, Elephant House Ginger Beer was merely a drink that was placed next to the hospital beds. It competed in a very small market with brands such as Morawaka Medito, Peyawa and Soda. It was commonly consumed by the sick.

Out of the twenty million people at that particular time, it had a very limited number of consumer engagements in comparison to a world famous brand which was dominating the local beverage market at that time. Elephant Ginger Beer was not part and parcel of the usual Sri Lankan unless someone was feeling sick or lethargic.

However, all at once the company relaunched their product as “EGB” stating that EGB is an essential to have with the meal. There was a strong statement voiced as “NO EGB – NO FOOD”. This relaunch was a tremendous success that EGB won the hearts of many Sri Lankan consumers.

Let us carefully analyse the massive acceptance that was gained by EGB. Until we offer our loved ones what they expect from us we cannot gain space in their hearts. On the contrary, as long as we think that others exist to make us happy, yet again we will never receive acceptance in their hearts. Just because you are fond of eating Mangoes, what do you think would happen if you use Mangoes as bait when fishing?

You will never be able to catch a single fish even though you fish the whole day, as mangoes do not attract fish. The moment you use worms as bait for fishing you will surely start captivating as many fish as possible for a day.

Many people in our country try to use mangoes as bait for fishing. They evaluate their lives without any understanding about the way the world is moving forward.

When you offer yourself to the world with an unaccepted requirement of the world, then you will obviously be rejected, as it is not what the world requires from you. My grandfather was able to find a secure job with just his O/L’s but not my father. He needed to complete his A/L’s in order to find a decent job, yet that was not sufficient for me to find a good job. I was compelled to have a degree to find a proper job. By the time my son hits the job market I am certain that my son would need a higher qualification than the degree that I possessed to edge into the contemporary world and the evolving technological life cycles.

There was a time when people loved to listen to ABBA, then there came Michael Jackson, and then Mariah Carey, then Justin Bieber and then Ed Sheeran. If the majority of the world wants to listen to Ed Sheeran and you attempt to grab their attention by singing a song by Michael Jackson then you would certainly be less productive as there will be fewer people to listen to you. There was a time that Crotons were a luxurious plant in the homes of the Sri Lankans. At present it is used only to feed the cows, as the trend has transformed to either foxtail or some other latest variety of a plant. If your livelihood is growing Crotons then you definitely must reinvent your business by adapting to the requirements of the evolving world. If not, you will be considered obsolete and futile.

Are you compiling the necessities to execute or are you collecting scraps of dirt from the dustbin? Whilst the world demands for foxtail plants, are you tirelessly working hard to grow millions of croton? If the demand has deviated towards electric coconut scrapers or towards buying ready to use coconut milk. It is unwise of you to invest in a factory that manufactures manual coconut scrapers. Just sit with yourself for a moment and evaluate if you are prepared for the future. If you are not prepared, relaunch yourself to suit the future. Yet, if not relaunch yourself just as Elephant Ginger Beer did.

Your life is not an ultimate construction. You must strive to constantly adapt to the changing requirements of the world to capture the future so that you will be accepted in the future. You must relaunch yourself in accordance with the reforming needs of the world. What do you think happened to enormous brands like Nokia and Kodak? Both brands were rejected by the world even though they were giants at one point, they were simply stubborn in adjusting to the changes that were required from the environment. Kodak refused to embrace digital photography and Nokia refused to embrace android technology. At a juncture when digital photography was the need of the hour, Kodak failed to adapt, accordingly it was rejected by the market. Similarly, Nokia was inactive to adjust to android technology, therefore, they could not cater to the demand of the market.

Many family lives have been affected due to the relationship being single sided. Sometime back the divorce rate in the USA was 50%, an extremely high rate. That is a result of being self centered and selfish. The moment you leave out “I” from any instance you instantly become a source of happiness to others because you are attentive to the other person’s happiness. The more you seek happiness for yourself the more you will be rejected by others as you do not bear what the other wants. In life, relationships should be transformational relationships, where one person is always concerned about fulfilling the needs and aspirations of the other. As for my employment, I always make it a point to take my master’ dreams into great consideration. On the other hand, I always contemplate on making the lives of my employees happy in my own businesses.

This thinking pattern will certainly bring forth positive results. Remember the golden rule “Treat Others in the same manner that You Wish to be Treated”. If you want to be loved, then love the others. If you want to be respected, respect others. If this is not your way of thinking, then it is high time that you relaunch yourself.

In my life I have not met anyone who has never been rejected by at least one person.

It is natural for people to dislike certain people. But it is unfavourable to be rejected by the majority of the community you reside in. If your wheels are not aligned accurately then your drive will be unsteady. If you look through a red pair of glasses you are bound to see the whole world in red. Similarly, if you look through a blue glass, the whole world would seem blue.

There is one aspect that we must understand and that is the fact that the common pair of glasses that the majority uses to see the world determines the reasons for success. Victory in life is not centered on how many times you have been rejected but on how many times you bounce back when you are rejected.

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