Thank you for valuing human life at Peradeniya Hospital’s COVID wards Having had fever for about 11 days with a swollen foot, cough, cold and some difficulty in breathing, I consulted our family doctor who asked me to get a PCR test done for COVID-19. Since my husband also had a slight headache, fever and [...]


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Thank you for valuing human life at Peradeniya Hospital’s COVID wards

Having had fever for about 11 days with a swollen foot, cough, cold and some difficulty in breathing, I consulted our family doctor who asked me to get a PCR test done for COVID-19. Since my husband also had a slight headache, fever and cough, both of us got PCR tests done on June 7 at the Peradeniya Teaching Hospital. The test results were positive, so both of us were admitted to Ward 17 (special COVID-19 ward) of the Peradeniya Teaching Hospital on June 10.

The COVID patients in Ward 17 were treated excellently by all the staff members from Consultant down to cleaning staff. Patients were medically treated with antibiotics, saline, oral drugs and injections. I saw how they provided oxygen to patients with difficulty in breathing and how the ‘Suvaviru Team’ tried to resuscitate dying patients. But unfortunately, even with these great treatments, some COVID-pneumonia patients died.

My husband, I and some other COVID patients were transferred to Ward 18, the other special ward, on June 11 and were treated with all required medical tests, treatments and food etc., all FREE. My husband was discharged after 14 days but I had to wait for 19 days as the Doctors had to get some more reports from the laboratory.

I wish to thank all the members of the ‘Suvaviru Team’ in Wards 17 and 18 for their service. All the staff members helped us all the time even during night hours. Staff provided prompt instructions to the helpers of some patients. I wish to thank all the helpers too because in addition to their duties, they helped the other patients and also the medical staff.

I saw some patients dying in Wards 17 and 18 which made me strong to survive in this world. Life is uncertain but death is certain. We should help others whenever possible during our lifetime.

The consultant of the ward, the leader of the ‘Suvaviru Team’, has done an excellent job with the help of his team. Congratulations dear Sir, you taught us that ‘there is a value for a life of a person’, not a dead body.

I also wish to thank my three sisters, relations, friends, Rev. Fathers, Rev. Sisters, Buddhist monks and all those who were with us during our difficult time. I thank my family Doctor for his prompt advice.

I wish to thank the Government of Sri Lanka for providing free medical facilities to COVID-19 patients in  Government Hospitals.

(Mrs) K.M.N. Abhayasinghe  Menikdiwela

Haj and the message of sacrifice in this time of COVID

Muslims across the world will celebrate the Eid-Al Azha (Haj Festival) on Wednesday, July 21.  It will be the fourth austere festival in this pandemic situation in both the country and the world. The Government of  Saudi Arabia has given permission only to Muslim pilgrims residing within the territory of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to perform Haj in Mecca and Muslim devotees from all around the world this year have unfortunately lost this rare and unique chance.

The Hajj festival is centred around the trials and tribulations encountered by Prophet Ibrahim, his wife Hajar and their son Ismael. Prophet Ibrahim had a strong faith in his Creator and was ready to sacrifice everything to gain the satisfaction of His God Almighty Allah. He had to transcend all hurdles which Almighty gave him as a test but he conquered with much sacrifice, patience and single-mindedness.

There is a lesson for today’s society on how to face unexpected hidden perils, hardships and difficulties with courage and determination.

Haj is the last or the fifth pillar of Islam. The five pillars in Islam are, profession of faith (Shahadha), prayer (salat), alms (zakat), fasting (sawm), and pilgrimage (haj). Every adult Muslim who is blessed with health and wealth should perform this holy Haj once in their life time. Haj is the only obligatory duty of Islam which should be performed in the holy city of Mecca and Medina whereas the other four obligatory duties can be performed in the place they live.

We Muslims in Sri Lanka have a huge responsibility to accomplish all the rituals during the Haj festival as per the health guidelines given by the Health Ministry and authorities. It is mandatory that every citizen of Sri Lanka wears a face mask, maintains social distance and washes hands when going out to protect themselves and others around them from coronavirus.  People should be vigilant and be aware of the current situation in the country and the world. The World Health Organisation and the Health Ministry of Sri Lanka particularly have warned about the new variants of coronavirus across the country. It would be better if people avoid visiting their relatives and friends during the Haj festival and completely avoid shaking hands and hugging friends and relatives in mosques and homes.

Basically the concept of Haj festival teaches us patience, tolerance and brotherhood. Hence, to honour the concept of Haj, sacrifice grand celebrations, excursions and family gatherings so as to save people and stop the surge and spread of the deadly COVID-19.

Eid Mubarak to all!

M. Jalaldeen Isfan  Via email

Need of the hour, advice not criticism and working together

 Sri Lanka is one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

However, its people especially the low income groups and daily paid workers are undergoing great hardship due to the COVID-19 pandemic. There seems to be no
end to it.

Meanwhile, there does not seem to be any kind of cooperation among the elected representatives of the people in unitedly facing this crisis. The Government and the Opposition should get together and tackle this crisis with the persons who are directly dealing with it. Instead of criticism what is needed is advice and help.

We, the members of the public, should understand that the control of COVID-19 depends largely on us. Therefore, all of us should follow the health guidelines stringently.

Nimala Jayasuriya  Rajagiriya

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