Never has mankind ever been pushed over the edge to live with themselves as they have been during the recent days due to this pandemic. As many people do not love themselves, the toughest battle a person battles is to be with himself. In order to please themselves people are hooked to many pleasurable paths [...]




Never has mankind ever been pushed over the edge to live with themselves as they have been during the recent days due to this pandemic. As many people do not love themselves, the toughest battle a person battles is to be with himself. In order to please themselves people are hooked to many pleasurable paths in this world, but they are unaware that one fine day all those paths will be unable to please them. Many rich and famous personalities die in utmost pain. Their possessions have not been able to provide them with peace and happiness during their departure. Most of the media are filled to the brim with negativity, without the slightest hint that those feelings of hatred are a destructive acid to our mind, they have created a sea of hatred and negativity in the minds of the viewers. The ultimate objective of the mind is assist in extending peace. People have become so unwise that they invest their precious time to buy and pour acid into their minds. Just as a coin is two sided, every challenging situation comprises of two sides. Nevertheless, the tragedy is that most of the people have trained their mind to see only one side, even then, they are prone to choose the darker side of the story. Many people suffer as a result of ignoring to see the brighter side of the story.

He lockdown has granted each and everybody an opportunity to train themselves to face the greatest battle one should face at the end of their life’s journey, which is to be with themselves. Most of the people tend to live in a fantasy world and act as though they would never die. It is sad that people do not take into consideration that they must train themselves to be in solitude with themselves alone at the end of this journey. For instance, people get in and get off a bus, yet the bus continues its journey until it reaches its final destination. Even though you may not like it, there will definitely be a day that you will be compelled to be with yourself alone. This pandemic offers you a great opportunity to live with yourself and love yourself comprehensively. If you are not content with yourself, then you will be left in utter loneliness at the end of the road. I hope you recall one of my previous articles “Have you ever had coffee with yourself?” depicting the significance of training your heart and mind to be with you and love you for who you are. Have you ever spoken to yourself? I have been blessed with a beautiful family, yet I continue to spend time with myself alone for at least two hours a day.

I am training my five senses to be selfless rather than being selfish. All of us are so overwhelmed with selfishness that we have reached a state where our pattern of thinking is purely based only on myself and I. Think for a moment, as soon as you see a group photograph, the first thing your eyes tend to see is “yourself”, if you do not appear beautiful in it, then you tend to dislike the picture. The more you try to understand who you are the more you can reveal yourself to you. Once you have reached that point you will stop judging others. At one point I badly criticized an actress almost specifying her as an utmost prostitute based on what I have heard about her. Once the conversation concluded and I was with myself, my conscious began reminiscing, how bad I was as a youngster and that I was even worse that what I heard about the actress. I should be the last person to judge her as my past is so filthy that it stinks. I wept and wept and wept that I decided, I have no right to judge anyone. I arrived at that state because I frequently spend time with myself, which is a source of happiness to me, as I receive the opportunity to reveal myself to me.

Why don’t you see your heart in front of the mirror just as you see your face? When you stand in front of the mirror you are likely to see all the acne, blackheads and whiteheads, similarly if you could see your heart in the mirror, you would see streams of jealousy, hatred, anger, wrath, selfishness, greediness, bitterness and muck.  Once you have seen them, why not treat those unpleasant sources just as you would treat the blemishes in your face with a facial, face massage or a cleanup? Likewise, see your mind in your mirror, so that you can see all the negativity, grumbling, discrimination, giving up, wicked and barren thoughts you have within you.

Most people are busy being focused outwardly, whereas they should be attentive inwardly. Starting from the morning TV show up until you go to bed at night, it is all about finding faults of others, you hardly have any time left for a self-analysis. No product or service will thrive in its market unless it performs to the best of its customer expectations. You are a product yourself, the world expects something from you, just because you are so keen to know about others, it will definitely not help you to perform well. In order to uplift yourself you must continuously dig into yourself, understand who you are, eliminate the destructions that lay within you and improve the aspects that bring forth the goodness and productivity in you. People are too interested in digging into others weaknesses, unaware that their weaknesses are growing swiftly even at that moment of time. People are concerned to see others undergoing psychological surgeries due to their weaknesses, but they do not know that what kills them has overgrown to a stage that it cannot even be removed by means of a psychological surgery.

What if ‘death’ calls you tonight? Have you fulfilled your purpose in life or are you interested in twittering, in order to find out if others have fulfilled their purposes. Just as your birth took place without your approval, so will it be with your death. Therefore, do not live as if you would never depart. If you are born you are meant to die, what you do in between the time of birth and death will surely define who you are. Make sure that you pass the baton to your next generation with a good lead to run the race of life.

The only vision some people have during the lockdown is the television. The lives of many have become so meaningless that their vision is to accomplish watching the daily episode of the drama telecasted at 8.30pm. They do all their work very fast and efficiently to make sure they can sit in front of the Television by 8.30pm. This is the mentality and state of the vision of many during this pandemic.

Utilise the opportunity this lockdown has bestowed upon you. Reveal yourself. Treat your weaknesses. Plan how can you can add value to yourself. Provide an interval to your mind, so that it could refresh and perform better. Have you ever thought of servicing your mind, just as you would service your vehicle? Why not take a full day off to do a comprehensive mind overhaul? If your mind is not renewed on a constant basis, you will be left with nothing but a crooked, partially broken, underperforming and ill-defined mind which is below average for its age. Remember that death will not visit you with an appointment, it will just appear in front of you like a thief who enters a house at night. If you are not prepared, you might have to leave this world as a loser. I do not know your vision but as for me, it would make me more than happy to spread happiness and enlightenment to as many as I could. It doesn’t mean that we could help everyone who is in need as we all have our own capacities. When I was in the USA, at the university I studied, I saw a slogan stating “You Can’t Keep It Unless You Give It Away”. Determine to become inwardly purifying and a river of blessings outwardly. Rather than being inwardly contaminated and outwardly futile that you cannot create joy to yourself nor your surroundings.


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