A leading U15 research intensive university in Canada, Dalhousie University has established an exclusive partnership with Sri Lanka’s premier transnational higher education provider, Universal College Lanka (UCL), to launch the first Canadian 2+2 Degree Programme in Sri Lanka. UCL will initially launch two undergraduate degree programmes, namely the Bachelor of Computer Science and Bachelor of [...]


Dalhousie University partners with UCL to launch the First Canadian 2+2 Degree in Sri Lanka


A leading U15 research intensive university in Canada, Dalhousie University has established an exclusive partnership with Sri Lanka’s premier transnational higher education provider, Universal College Lanka (UCL), to launch the first Canadian 2+2 Degree Programme in Sri Lanka. UCL will initially launch two undergraduate degree programmes, namely the Bachelor of Computer Science and Bachelor of Applied Computer Science. Those who enrol for the degree programme at UCL will have the privilege of becoming Dalhousie University students right from the beginning and complete the first two years of the Dalhousie University degree here in Sri Lanka at UCL, and then have a guaranteed transition to the Third Year at Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia, Canada and subsequently progress to complete their Fourth and final Year there and graduate. Technology and Digital are the future, and the main goal of the Faculty of Computer Science at Dalhousie University is to ensure that students are inculcated with the right technical knowledge, problem solving skills along with the leadership skills required in creating new software and computer technologies which will assist in empowering societies and organizations.

The Bachelor of Computer Science degree program groom students by providing technical skills required using the application of computer science by exploring a wider range of areas that includes software development, algorithms, networking and artificial intelligence. The knowledge acquired through this programme will provide students with the skills to build, influence and evaluate technology. The other programme offered would be the Bachelor of Applied Computer Science- This programme is built to bridge the gap between management and technology. By combining the deep understanding of technology and the in-demand skills such as communications and project management. This would equip the students with the technical and practical skills required in all organizations to succeed in the constantly changing world; Thus, the student will learn to develop and implement technology solutions for organisations whilst gaining the knowledge to leads teams, manage large scale projects and tackle complex problems.

A salient feature of the Dalhousie University’s Computer Science and Applied Computer Science Degree programmes is the unique Co-operative Education (Co-op) Model. Co-operative Education will give students a deeper, richer educational experience, real-world work experience, career connections and employment income during work terms. Co-op allows students to alternate career-focused work terms with study terms and receive special co-op degree designation upon graduation.

Dalhousie University located in Halifax, Nova Scotia is one of the earliest established Canadian Universities, founded in year 1818. The university is ranked as a Top 100 University in the world for Social Impact and a Five Star Rating from QS Stars – One of the top global university rankings. Over 115 countries represent the university’s student body, making it one of the friendliest cities that welcomes a diverse mix of students; hence enabling the student to experience a diverse student environment. The academic faculty of the Faculty of Computer Science at Dalhousie University consists of 92% PhD holders along with award winning professors committed to promoting excellence in teaching and research.

The modern UCL campus is conveniently situated in a picturesque location bordering the historical Diyawanna Lake offering panoramic views of the surrounding tranquil environment and central business district’s skyscrapers at a distance. Within its premises, UCL offers state of the art facilities such as internationally recommended classroom sizes for greater student interaction and engagement, modern laboratories, well equipped library and comfortable study areas and a unique rooftop lounge for leisure and recreation of our students. UCL sports teams compete and perform admirably at inter- university sports tournaments. The UCL Student Council has been established to develop leadership skills and empower students to plan, organise, conduct and actively participate in a variety of activities and events, to enhance student engagement and enrich the student experience at UCL.

For more information on how to enrol for the Bachelor of Computer Science or the Bachelor of Applied Computer Science degree programmes of Dalhousie University at UCL in
Sri Lanka, please feel free to contact them on 0774 777 000 or
info@ucl.lk or visit the UCL Campus conveniently located at #503,
Sri Jayewardenepura Mawatha,
Sri Jayewardenepura.


Dalhousie University Canada

Prof. Andrew Rau-Chaplin, Dean of the Faculty of Computer Science, Dalhousie University stated “We are delighted to launch this engaged partnership with UCL where students will have the opportunity to start their university journey at home and end it here at Dalhousie University, a top Canadian institution with a history of over 200 years of excellence. This new partnership will expand our capacity to attract high quality international students to the increasingly impactful discipline of computer science, exposing them to our curriculum and opportunities while they prepare for their studies overseas. UCL has a fantastic track record of developing similar partnership models where students have excelled in programs at top ranked institutions globally. We are excited to join them in launching the first program like this at Dalhousie”.

Dr. Harsha Alles


Director UCL and Chairman of the Gateway Group of Organisations Dr. Harsha Alles expressed his pleasure in establishing this momentous partnership. He said “It is a trailblazer in transnational higher education in Sri Lanka as this is the first time that a Sri Lankan higher education provider has established a partnership with a Canadian university to offer its degree programmes in Sri Lanka. This development would augur well for Sri Lanka’s higher education sector towards realisation of its vision of setting up an international education hub in the South Asian region”. He also conveyed his appreciation to the UCL leadership team for achieving this great feat.


Gihan Silva


CEO of UCL Mr. Gihan Silva who was fervently involved in developing the partnership with Dalhousie University was elated with the establishing of the partnership, said “This partnership is not only a milestone for UCL and Dalhousie University, it is also an epoch- making event in bilateral relations between Sri Lanka and Canada. This is the first ever 2+2 Canadian Degree to be conducted in Sri Lanka. In keeping with our commitment to providing quality transnational higher education to discerning students, our latest university partnership with a leading Canadian U15 research intensive university, Dalhousie University will offer a holistic Canadian higher education experience including the unique Co-op model for gaining valuable work experience in top tech companies in Canada. Let me take this opportunity to express my grateful thanks to Prof. Andrew Walker and Dr. Matt Hebb along with the rest at Dalhousie University and my colleagues at UCL for their excellent coordination throughout this exemplary partnership development process”.

An important aspect that UCL leverages on is their possession of a highly qualified and competent faculty among private tertiary education providers in Sri Lanka. Their faculty includes several PhDs whilst others hold a minimum of a Masters qualification, thus enabling them to offer students a superior learning experience in this programme. A well-integrated learning experience that is produced at UCL combines the imparting of knowledge, acquisition of skills, provision of industry exposure and the development of a winning attitude which would in turn, assist students towards carving out a career in their preferred fields, and become sought-after professionals locally and internationally.

Dr. Dhananjay Kulkarni


Speaking at the occasion, Dr. Dhananjay Kulkarni, Dean of Academic Affairs stated, “With an established track-record of Academic Excellence, UCL will be delivering Canadian curriculum in an exclusive partnership with one of the best Universities in Canada, which is also a globally top ranked University. We believe that the destination city is also key for success of pathway programmes. Being voted as one of the most livable cities in Canada, Halifax will prove to be a city of promises to study, work and live in Canada for
Sri Lankan students who transfer to Dal.”

About the curriculum and support available to students, Dr. Dhananjay added, “The first 2 years at UCL will provide a solid foundation for students and prepare them to excel at Dalhousie University. The cutting-edge, modern curriculum with emphasis on industry-oriented skills are what students require to start their careers. UCL is confident of maintaining the highest international standards, providing students a very Canadian University-like experience and high student satisfaction. All subjects taught, assessments, student support and delivery methods will be closely linked with Dalhousie. I believe maintaining these high standard and unique learning experiences will set our students apart, and will boost their ability to keep the Sri Lanka flag flying high. I am extremely delighted to be part of this journey at UCL. I invite all students/parents who aspire to study in Canada to come and meet us.”


 Ms. Tharanga SenarathnaHEAD OF MARKETING & STUDENT ENROLMENTUCL’s Head of Marketing and Student Enrolment, Ms. Tharanga Senarathna is excited to be marketing the very first Canadian Degree programme to be conducted in Sri Lanka. She said “Canada is the buzzword in international higher education at present, and UCL is proud to partner with the prestigious Dalhousie University to deliver groundbreaking degree programmes and direct students towards a truly Canadian education experience. We have devised a 2+2 programme model that offers parents and students distinctive guidance, convenience, and affordability to make their Canadian education dream a reality. Thanks to over 200 years of academic excellence, Dalhousie University’s Computer Science degrees are relevant; its award winning professors enhance the learning experience; and the cutting- edge technology used is extremely vibrant; all of which help create globally sought- after IT graduates and professionals. UCL is ready to transform ambitious students into graduates who can make a lasting impact on our world.”

UCL delivers quality assured and practical programmes by working only with only the esteemed global institutions who help bring out the best in our students. UCL is also the exclusive partner for Monash Education in Sri Lanka providing a guaranteed pathway to Monash University in Australia and Malaysia. UCL has successfully garnered 295 Monash Global Award of Excellence winners and have produced the Best Graduates at Monash University graduations in the recent past. UCL is also the exclusive partner of the University of Central Lancashire to offer their degree completion programmes in Software Engineering and International Business in Sri Lanka, and have achieved 100% pass rates in the programme. These are a testament to UCL’s uncompromising commitment to achieving academic excellence and offering quality transnational higher education to discerning students in Sri Lanka.

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