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Transformation, success and global opportunity with CPA Australia

Transformation, success and global opportunity with CPA Australia

Many business leaders pay lip service to the idea of transformation. For Dinuk Hettiarachchi, it’s at the heart of his success. In his teens, Dinuk’s dream was to become an aeronautical engineer. After some investigation, he wisely realised employment opportunities were thin on the ground in that particular profession, especially in Sri Lanka. However, his [...]

On-campus COVID-19 treatment centres

On-campus COVID-19 treatment centres

State universities have come forward to convert their hostel facilities into intermediate treatment centres for those infected with COVID-19. In the picture is the opening of one such centre at the Peradeniya University. Pic by L.B. Senaratne  

CTU to file action against Ed. Ministry

Last week the Ceylon Teachers Union (CTU) said it is making preparations to file legal action against the Education Ministry for its decision to increase the intake of grade one students for each classroom. The Education Times learned that the Education Ministry has decided to increase student numbers in each classroom to 40 students, in [...]

Govt. should prioritise vaccination of public school teachers: CTU

The Government should prioritise the inoculation of the COVID-19 vaccine for teachers serving in public schools, to prepare them for the reopening of schools, the Ceylon Teachers Union (CTU) said last week. CTU General Secretary Joseph Stalin said it is important that the 25,950 teachers serving in national and provincial schools be vaccinated so schools [...]

J’pura Uni launches new web page for alumni

The University of Sri Jayewardenepura’s Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences has launched a new web page for alumni which includes a general knowledge, Sinhala language and IQ-based database as a needed feature for future Government examinations. In addition, it will be possible to access updated information on library resources, internal information of the university [...]

Urban Bio-resources & Aquatic Bio-resources degrees now offered at J’pura University

The University of Sri Jayewardenepura (USJ) is offering two new bachelor’s degrees: Urban Bio-resources and Aquatic Bio-resources by the Faculty of Urban and Aquatic Bio-resources for the students who have followed the biological science stream at the G.C.E. A/L exams. The Faculty of Urban and Aquatic Bio-resources degree programmes mainly address the current trends required [...]

Increased allowance for pre-school teachers

Around 25,000 preschool teachers will be granted an increased allowance under the Government’s ‘Guru Abhimani’ scheme beginning this month. Recognising the importance of preschool teachers in the development of human resources, the Government recently decided to increase their allowance tenfold from Rs. 250 to Rs.2500. Accordingly under the national programme “Vistas of prosperity and splendour” teachers who undergo specific training in [...]

How UTS College Sri Lanka sets students up for success

How UTS College Sri Lanka sets students up for success

With Orientation commencing at UTS College Sri Lanka on 30 June, and a new semester beginning on 5 July, prospective students and their families may be wondering what kind of experiences that first semester might hold. How does UTS College Sri Lanka lay a strong foundation for academic success? How does it help students feel [...]

Dalhousie University partners with UCL to launch the First Canadian 2+2 Degree in Sri Lanka

Dalhousie University partners with UCL to launch the First Canadian 2+2 Degree in Sri Lanka

A leading U15 research intensive university in Canada, Dalhousie University has established an exclusive partnership with Sri Lanka’s premier transnational higher education provider, Universal College Lanka (UCL), to launch the first Canadian 2+2 Degree Programme in Sri Lanka. UCL will initially launch two undergraduate degree programmes, namely the Bachelor of Computer Science and Bachelor of [...]


Never has mankind ever been pushed over the edge to live with themselves as they have been during the recent days due to this pandemic. As many people do not love themselves, the toughest battle a person battles is to be with himself. In order to please themselves people are hooked to many pleasurable paths [...]

Happy 90th Birthday Modern Marketing! Growing Importance of Happiness

Addressing the Asian Marketing Federation on his 90th Birthday, the “Father of Modern Marketing – Professor Philip Kotler” mentioned the fact that he’s not happy with what the United States of America has achieved over the last century. As per his explanation, USA stands tall among all the other nations by occupying the No. 01 [...]

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