With COVID-19 restrictions easing, many of us are looking to release some of the tedium of months of being cooped up in our homes by going on holiday.  What if the chilled-out vacation is not your cup of tea? Here are some ideas for those looking for an adrenaline rush. Be it racing with your [...]


Let the adventures begin!


With COVID-19 restrictions easing, many of us are looking to release some of the tedium of months of being cooped up in our homes by going on holiday.  What if the chilled-out vacation is not your cup of tea? Here are some ideas for those looking for an adrenaline rush.

Getting a bird’s eye view of the hills below:Ziplining with Ravana Falls

Be it racing with your friends in state-of-the-art karts, going on a solo hike exploring the depths of the island, screaming your way down a zipline or being a part of an ATV adventure trail; check out a list of things you can do to satisfy the thrill-seeker in you.

Sri Lanka Karting Circuit

The Sri Lanka Karting Circuit (SLKC) which kicked off as a 750m long circuit initially in 2012 brought much excitement to those who loved the rush of being behind the wheel. Now, a 1.2 km long CIK – B class certified facility located an hour’s drive from Colombo in Bandaragama, the SLKC is part of David Pieris Group’s diversification into the leisure sector.

“We offer a world-class karting experience to everyone, even kids as young as four years old!” says Eshan Pieris adding that they even have a  25m swimming pool with six lanes, an air rifle shooting range and a restaurant called The Paddock.

It’s a perfect place for a day out with your family and friends or even a quick ‘pit-stop’ before heading off for a vacation as SLKC is located 10 minutes from the Gelanigama Highway Interchange on the Southern Highway.

In compliance with COVID-19 health protocols, the SLKC follow a strict set of guidelines to safeguard their customers and staff which include prior reservations, face masks, temperature checks and social distancing. If customers have their own racing gear that is encouraged but if not clean equipment is provided.

They also have a racing school where specialised programmes are available for all levels of drivers from rookie level to the pro-drivers who hope  to have a  career in motorsports.

“This is also available for kids as young as six and for adults the only limitation is physical and mental ability to go racing,” Eshan says adding that their oldest customer is 62.

The facility is in the process of being upgraded to a theme park with the addition of a go kart track and a water park being the first phase for development. “The destination as a whole is going to become much bigger and will provide a more thrilling experience,” Eshan promises.

A round on the karts ranges from Rs. 1600 to Rs. 3000 depending on one’s level and there are package deals to enjoy more racing for less money!

For more information visit their website https://www.slkarting.com/

Feel the rush behind the wheel: Sri Lanka Karting Circuit

Crate Adventure (ATV adventure trail)

Crate Adventure is Sri Lanka’s first all-terrain vehicle (ATV) adventure trail stretching across 50 acres of natural forest, in Buthpitiya,  a 30 minute drive from Colombo.

“A usual package there begins with an ATV introductory briefing and test drive on their training track after which they begin their adventure trail,” Founding Director of Crate Adventure Ranul Thantilage says.

He adds that the ATV’s are from Can Am wgcug, a world leading brand for ATVs and are the safest on the market and are ‘top-notch’.

The trail includes many panoramic view points including their Elephant Rock lookout point from which the Colombo skyline, Central and Sabaragamuwa mountain-sides can be seen.

The basic package can be further upgraded to a day package which also contains a session of rock pool kayaking, a trek through the forest with caves to explore, welcome drink, snack and traditional lunch buffet.

Ranul also tells us that they have a panoramic glass cabin on location which gives guests a stunning view of Adam’s Peak, the Colombo skyline and more as it is built on a rock platform spanning 725 sq. feet.

He adds that all ATVs undergo high-pressure washing, there is UV sterilization at the main office and disinfection of safety gear after usage with other standard COVID-19 health protocols being followed.

The basic package is Rs. 7900 per head and the day package is Rs. 10,500 while a night at their glass cabin is currently going at a discounted rate of Rs. 14,500 per head on full-board basis. (These prices are for Sri Lankans).

For more information visit their website https://www.crateadventure.com/


On a forest trail: Crate Adventure

It may seem daunting to pack your bags in the middle of the night and board a train to Ella with your guitar as your only companion but Inthiqhab Majid did just that in order to catch what he calls the most beautiful sunrise he has seen.

An avid hiker, Inthiqhab is known for his Instagram pages  @inthiqhabm and @a_travelling_guitarist for his stunning pictures of Sri Lankan scenery and song covers atop places many people may not have heard of.

Hiking may seem quite tame when compared to the other pursuits featured here but for those who enjoy a good trek and solitude, this is their calling.

“Hiking needs a lot of preparation and research especially if you are not familiar with the area,” he says advising that for beginners it may be best to go with a group, but most times there are other people doing the same trail who are always willing to help a fellow hiker out.

Venturing out to explore what the island has to offer is not just an adventure but a learning curve as you challenge yourself to become more open-minded and independent.

Embracing the philosophy that life will only pass you by if you do nothing, Inthiqhab tells us that adventure is never too far for those who dare to go after it.

Visit his Instagram pages for hiking locations and tips.

Ravana Falls

For those who have ziplining on their bucket list, the Flying Ravana Mega Zipline is the fastest and longest zipline experience in Sri Lanka, rated second longest in South Asia. Located in Ella and established in February 2019 by 98 Adventures Pvt Ltd, the two-wire zip-line stretches for exactly 550m and slides maximum at 80kmph offering a bird’s-eye view of the beautiful hills of the island.

“The adventure park is exclusively designed for adventure enthusiasts and adrenaline junkies who prefer a not-so-ordinary hillside experience, offering ATV/quad bike rides, abseiling, archery, air rifling and mountain biking for a gripping outdoor experience,” the team from the Flying Ravana tells us.

The concept behind Flying Ravana was for locals to be able to  experience an international level adventure park without having to hop on a plane or break the bank.

By utilising the finest equipment and having their ziplines certified by the European Ropes Course Association along with fully trained professional instructors, Flying Ravana ensures a memorable safe adventure.

“Additionally, with the current world pandemic situation, we have strengthened our safety measures even more by introducing routine temperature checks, hand washing/sanitation stations at every corner and hourly cleaning procedures that match the WHO, SLTDA and Vertex Instructor Training standards,” the Flying Ravana team shared with us.

A zipline ride costs Rs. 2500 with the second zipline ride being only Rs.1000.

There is also 50% off the second activity (ATV ride, archery, etc) when you book the zipline ride. The other activities range from Rs. 4900 to around Rs. 1800.

For more information visit their website https://www.flyingravana.com

Rugged performers: Checking out an ATV

Stunning views: Inthiqhab Majid on the train to Ella


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