TranExec is a leading Australian Organisational and Leadership Development business committed to enhancing and developing the culture of great organisations. They work with people who are pioneers – they want to have a strategic advantage and an edge, they want to grow themselves, their teams and their organisations into greatness. In the last few years, [...]


‘Conversational Intelligence in challenging times’


Karen Barker, CEO & Founder of TranExec, Australia

TranExec is a leading Australian Organisational and Leadership Development business committed to enhancing and developing the culture of great organisations. They work with people who are pioneers – they want to have a strategic advantage and an edge, they want to grow themselves, their teams and their organisations into greatness.

Sarit Vandegraaff, Head of Coaching, Organizational and Executive Coach, TranExec

In the last few years, TranExec has offered exceptional programs on Organisational Coaching at Oxford University for leaders spanning industries & borders and is gearing up to partner with the prestigious University of Bath for its Women in Leadership Program for senior women leaders. Apart from Universities, TranExec has offered their unique and tailored programs into government organisations and multinational companies in various sectors such as Retail & FMCG, Finance & Banking, Global consultancies, Metals and Minerals.

TranExec will present a webinar in collaboration with Business Advisory Group in Sri Lanka and AnEducator on Thursday, 18th June 2020 at 11.00 am to 12.00 noon Sri Lanka time on ‘Conversational Intelligence in challenging times’.

Founder, Director / CEO of Business Advisory Group, David Samuel believe that fundamental to be successful in personal life and business environment is to master the Conversational Intelligence. Irrespective how great some may be in terms of knowledge and expertise, but it is timely to revisit and invest time to learn and practice to be effective in conversational ethos to build faith for mutual success. The collaboration with TranExec is a great initiative to work with corporate executives in Sri Lanka and in the region in the space of leadership development and executive coaching.


David Samuel, Founder, Director & CEO of Business Advisory Group

As founder and CEO of TranExec, Karen Barker’s approach to developing leaders is to foster in them the self-awareness and belief that they can better lead their people to achieve great results. This includes coaching leaders to fully understand the impact they have on their people and the direct correlation to their engagement, productivity, innovation and retention. Karen’s passion is to help executives globally and at all levels bring the best version of themselves to work to positively influence and lead their team. She draws on her extensive senior executive business experience; c-suite, middle management and frontline coaching experience; and academic knowledge to inspire current, emerging and future leaders to bring out their full potential. Karen holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Organisational Behaviour from the University of Oxford and is also the winner of Said Prize in Organisational Behaviour- 2019.

 ‘Conversational Intelligence in challenging times’

In the current climate of uncertainty and isolation we specifically need to discover ways of staying connected and motivated towards productivity, innovation and ultimately organizational results. Through Conversational Intelligence® (C-IQ) program designed by TranExec, we can engage our people and increase trust leading to elevated individual and organizational performance.

C-IQ is based on Neuroscience Research, specifically the Neuroscience of Conversations®. It was coined and created by Judith E. Glaser through the Creating WE® institute. C-IQ provides people with a deep understanding into how every conversation has an impact, and as they learn about conversational patterns, they are able to Architect, Deconstruct, and Shape their conversations with others. Once people learn what patterns drive connectivity and trust and what drives fear and distrust, they are able to connect, engage, navigate, and co-create with others in healthy ways. C-IQ elevates Oxytocin, the chemistry of connection, and lowers Cortisol, the chemistry of fear and distrust. Understanding the Neuroscience of Conversations and applying this wisdom inside companies transforms individuals, teams, and organisations and opens up new pathways for mutual success.

Devni Rajaratne, Founder & Managing Director of AnEducator

C-IQ Coach profile

Sarit Vandegraaff is a seasoned Executive Coach and facilitator and is the Head of Coaching at TranExec. Sarit works with leaders and their teams to elevate performance through potential and growth mindset. She regularly travels and works globally and has coached and facilitated workshops in London, Oxford, New Delhi, Mumbai and Hong Kong as well as in her home country Australia. Sarit is an ICF credentialed PCC coach and is proud to be certified in Conversational Intelligence® continuing the work of the late Judith E. Glaser, helping organizations flourish through resonant conversations. More recently, Sarit has been facilitating TranExec’s ICF accredited Organisational Coach Accreditation Program to cohorts of global leaders at Egrove Park, Saïd Business School, Oxford university.

The webinar will be covering

  • the following topics:
  • Introduction to C-IQ
  • Neuroscience of conversations®
  • Conversational Intelligence Dashboard
  • Common Conversational Blind spots
  • Conversational essentials
  • C-IQ during challenging times
  • Q&A

Testimonials from previous participants

Helena Roots, Banking & Finance Senior Executive

“The Coaching Accreditation journey with the TranExec team has surpassed all of my expectations -a handpicked team combined with a diverse background of people, industries and culture complementing learning in all participants; demanding yet an inspiring workshop environment supported by extremely passionate trainers; the learning environment at Oxford Egrove premises allowing a full focus on task in hand and last but not least- constructive feedback at every step of the process! It really was working with the very best!“

Vinod Thapliyal, COO MMTC PAMP India

“Many thanks for taking me through the TranExec Organizational Coaching Accreditation Program. It was a world class program with a world class cohort. I feel that every senior leader needs to understand coaching and thus this program is of immense value in their leadership journey.” -

Those interested to be part of the webinar shall send their interest to register. Webinar access link will only be sent to those expressed interest to attend.



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