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Treasury playing double game

With elections round the corner, the Finance Ministry wants to play Santa Claus. The Treasury’s latest proposal is to provide duty-free cars to senior public servants on retirement. When the Cabinet paper was first introduced in March this year, it was referred to the Public Administration Ministry which only expanded…


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Harm that good strongmen can do

Harm that good strongmen can do

Narendra Modi is a shining example of the harm that ‘good strongmen’ can do — those…

There was no ethnic identity in his politics

Sirimavo Bandaranaike as Foreign Minister

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Towards a Precious Diploma

Towards a Precious Diploma

Gem & Jewellery Diploma Students of the Maradana Technical College, carefully go through items on display…

Rs 3,000m for National College of Education of Technology by 2022

Unique number for Public Exam candidates- Exams Dept.

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Vembadi Prize Giving and Founder’s Day 2019

Vembadi Prize Giving and Founder’s Day 2019

“Vembadi Girls’ High School is the leading girls’ school in the North. This school has contributed…

Astro Space Workshop for kids

Kids’ World *

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