Thai Pongal Festival Thai Pongal is celebrated by Hindus usually on January 14 every year. The word ‘Thai’ in Tamil means the month of January and ‘Pongal’ means rice cooked with adding milk, jaggery and many other ingredients. This festival is done to worship the Sun God after the harvesting of their crops. The day [...]

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Thai Pongal Festival
Thai Pongal is celebrated by Hindus usually on January 14 every year. The word ‘Thai’ in Tamil means the month of January and ‘Pongal’ means rice cooked with adding milk, jaggery and many other ingredients.
This festival is done to worship the Sun God after the harvesting of their crops. The day before Thai Pongal, is known as ‘Pohi’. People decorate their house entrances with ‘kolam rata’ on that day. They prepare sweets such as kesari, aggala and more. The special food item is the Pongal rice.

On Thai Pongal day, they offer Pongal rice, sugar cane, fruits and coconuts for the Sun God. The day after Thai Pongal is known as ‘Mattu Pongal’ People show their gratitude to the cows on this day. They bathe the cows and decorate them with garlands. They feed the cows with Pongal rice, fruits and sweetmeats. Hindus share food with their neighbours during this festival. This is a very enjoyable festival for all!

Methmini Dias (13 years)
Musaeus College

The beach
The beach is a fun place, we can play in the sand and water. We can see fish at the beach. There is a red flag on the beach sometimes. Then it is not safe.
I went to the beach with my family. We bathed in the sea. My slipper went out to sea. Another wave brought it back. I didn’t want to come home because I had so much fun. I want to go to the beach again.

Revatha Udugama (Grade 3)
Royal College

Busy at work
Red ones here, black ones there,
Weavers on the trees,
The fire ones rush like lava.

The army in their camp,
Gets ready to run,
Planning an attack,
The bullets on the track.

The harvesters are bringing in a harvest,
The carpenters help the leafcutters,
Then over to the weavers —
Who work, wind and weave.

All are good friends
Mighty though tiny.

Bhathisa Udugama
(Grade 8)
Royal College

The library
The library is a place where one can find information on almost any topic. My school has a wonderful library and I spend a lot of time there. There are different sections in a library. They include Art, History, Science etc. Libraries are places where one must keep silent. There is never any noise.
I one day hope to read all the books in the library. It is overwhelming to imagine the amount of knowledge there might be in this place.

Udama Jayasuriya (14 years)
St. Lawrence’s Convent, Colombo 6

My pets
I have three pets. I have two dogs and a cat. My cat’s name is Julie. She has soft, white colour fur. My two dogs’ names are Oggy and Whita. Oggy is a brown puppy. It has a black snout. Whita is a plump dog. It is white with brown patches. I love my pets very much.

Sayli Basnayake
(Grade 2)
Ladies’ College


My grandparents
My grandparents are the ‘sugar and spice’ of my life! They have known me before I was even born. They taught me with patience, love and care.

My Grandpa is a very healthy man. My Grandpa buys me a lot of goodies and gives me rewards when I am good. My Grandpa said his parents used to encourage him like this and I sure think it’s a good way! My other Grandpa may not be with me today, but I can see he left behind a memorable legacy.

My Grandma is a jolly lady whose smile is so shiny, you have to wear sunglasses! My Grandma always prepares unique kinds of food and her larder is abundant with treats, from a Fanta drink, to a wafer or even a very wobbly jelly. My Grandma’s garden is vast and an ideal place my siblings, cousins and I play in. My Grandma’s house is like a museum with precious and unique antiques.

My maternal Grandma is a very sentimental person. She always cares about others even when she is ill.
My Grandma has given me a lot of things. My wardrobe is half-filled with things she gifted me like jewellery, shoes, garments and gorgeous accessories.

My grandparents are an honour to have and they will always be cherished in my life. They maybe strong or weak but I know that they will always be there. They are my heroes and role models and will always be treasured!

Sakinah Anzary (11 years)
Al-Iman School

Joining the Western Band
It was the notice on our school notice board to join the band. I had been a side drummer in our school’s Junior Western Band. I was excited to join the Senior Western Band because there were many more instruments in the Senior Band than in the Junior Band. I didn’t know which instrument to choose at first but after watching the senior students practicing I was inspired to play the
Alto Saxophone.

Blowing the mouthpiece was confusing at first but I quickly got accustomed to it. The Saxophone was too heavy and too long up to my knee and so carrying the sax was the hardest part. However, the senior students taught me the proper way of holding it and carrying it. I was able to fix the saxophone pieces together and play the G major scale within four days.

I attend practices regularly in the mornings and after school and I learn new melodies. We are preparing for the band for our sportsmeet. When I put on the saxophone around my neck, I get a great feeling that I’m a real Saxophonist!

Priscilla Rambukkange (11 years)
Hillwood College, Kandy

Our Assembly
We have an assembly every Monday.
All the children of
Grade 1 to 11 come to the assembly. Teachers also come to the assembly.
Class by class we conduct it.

Damindu Wijesooriya (Grade 1)
Royal Int. School, Kurunegala


My name is Aimee. My age is six years. I’m in Grade Two. I like toys.
I’m going to be a doctor.

Aimee Fernando (Grade 2)
Model Primary School, Tangalle

My pet
My pet is a cat. My pet’s name is Tom. My pet likes to drink milk. My cat’s colour is brown. My cat likes to catch mice. My cat likes to eat fish. My cat likes to run.

Rion De Silva (6 years)
Royal Int. School, Kurunegala

My trip to Anuradhapura
One Friday morning, we left home in our car to go to Anuradhapura.
Our grandparents too joined us. First we reached Mihintale and climbed the rock. After lunch at a rest house, we went to a hotel in Anuradhapura. My two brothers and I went swimming in the hotel pool.

In the evening, we went to worship the Ruwanweliseya. We offered flowers and joss sticks and went round the seya chanting gathas. On the following morning we offered milk rice to the dagoba and Sri Maha Bodhiya. After breakfast we went right round to see all the ancient dagobas. We saw all the ruins. We spent two nights at Anuradhapura.

On the last day on our way home, we climbed Isurumuniya rock temple. We reached home in the evening. It was a very interesting trip and we all enjoyed it very much.

Thimal Ranasinghe (Grade 5)
Trinity College, Kandy


The Perfect Day
The lavenders swayed gently,
in the crisp spring air,
you could sit and watch for hours.
The birds flew down, from their nests above,
and pecked the seeds from the flowers.

The breeze was cool, but the sun was warm,
a day that deserved pride,
the flowers were abloom with colour
and so it was a day to the eyes,
so bright.

So there it was, the perfect day,
that many people adored, with such love and
excitement and colours galore
it’s impossible for one to become bored!

Sarah Idroos (Grade 5)
Berwick Primary School, in Victoria Australia


My family
My family is small. There are four members in my family. They are father, mother, sister and me. My father’s name is Udhayakumar. My mother’s name is Suganthy. My sister’s name is Jai Krisha.

My mother makes food for us. My father brings things for us. I help my sister to do her homework. We all help each other. My parents love me and my sister a lot. Our family is a wonderful one. I love my family.

U. Suhirthana (Grade 4)
Sussex College, Nuwara Eliya


Good habits
A habit means repetition of the same action in similar circumstances. Habits are either good or bad. Good habits or manners bring smooth inter-relationship among the people in a neighbourhood and finally in a country. A man with good habits plays an important role in the development of society. He is an asset to the society at large. Habits become a part of our nature.

We should inculcate good habits in our life. To live well in a healthy way in a society, money alone is not enough. We should also have good manners and good habits. Here is a list of good habits we can practice in our life. Help elders to cross the road, give them a seat in the bus, obey elders, respect teachers, listen carefully, get up early in the morning.

Rumeth Kaluarachchi (Form 1)
Leeds Int. School, Panadura

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