A day in the life of my pet My pet is a cat. Its name is Bricko and it is black and white in colour. It likes to eat meat and drink milk. It has a sister. It is six months old. I made a little bed for it in which it snuggles cosily. It [...]

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A day in the life of my pet
My pet is a cat. Its name is Bricko and it is black and white in colour. It likes to eat meat and drink milk.
It has a sister. It is six months old. I made a little bed for it in which it snuggles cosily. It enjoys playing with squash balls and fighting with its sister.
One morning when I woke up I saw mum and my sister looking at it with seriousness. I stepped forward to take a look and to my shock I saw that my cat was injured. I suggested that we go to the vet at once.

We left immediately and reached there in five minutes. The vet told me that it wasn’t a bad injury thus it will heal quickly. I was overjoyed at this. We returned home later that day. This was the first time my cat got injured and I am not risking it again be letting him out of the gate any more.

Safiyyah Faizal (10 years)

My school
My school is Royal Institute International School. I am in Grade Two. My school is in Nugegoda.
School has a network of branches
island-wide. School consists of many students.
The teachers’ in my school are kind and qualified.

My school has a good atmosphere for education. It has classes from Lower Nursery to Upper School. My school’s higher education division is very popular among students for its continuous quest for quality. Therefore my school is rated as one of the best institutions in the country.
I love my school for the guidance given to me throughout.

Suwin Buthpitiya (6 years)
Royal Institute, Nugegoda

An experience in my life
When I was in Grade Five, my father used to pick me up after school. One day, while coming home, I was telling him of an incident that happened in my class. Suddenly, there was a big noise and I looked around in fear. Then I realised that our car had knocked into a lorry and there was a huge damage to the front of the car. Luckily my father and I were not hurt.
My father immediately called the insurance. Within ten minutes my mother came and took me home. After that incident I had to go to school by bus for a month until the car was repaired.
I will never forget this incident as I thought that I was also responsible for the accident.

Lasanga Dias (13 years)
Musaeus College

My neighbour
My neighbour’s name is Miss. Manori. She is very fair and has black colour straight hair. She is very pretty. She is a hard-working person and she loves to help others.
I go to meet her every Saturday.
I always get a ginger bun and a glass of milk when I go to see her. She is very friendly with me and makes funny jokes. She also helps me to do my studies. She has a dog called Tisha. I play with Tisha every day.
My neighbour is very good and I love her a lot.

Vinudi Ranaveera (8 years)
Horizon College Int., Malabe

If I could invent something
A time machine! Yes, that’s what I’ll invent! A time machine would be so much fun. It would take me many days to build and there would be so many buttons and controls. In it you can go many years to the future or back to the past!

It will be fun to see what’s going to happen in the future. We can see whether anything bad is going to happen and prevent it. We could also go back in time. We could even go back to the time of our kings! That would be really fun.

Or we could go back to the time of the dinosaurs. We could get really close to them (not too close!) and we could go back to where human life started!
To do all this, people would make long queues outside my house and I would be so famous. I would be the only girl who created something so marvellous. People would come to visit me every day to try my machine. This is how it will work – first the person has to get into the machine and then type ‘Future’ or ‘Past’. Then he/she would get there. To get back, the person has to type ‘Present’ and he/she would be there.

Inventing new things is quite fun. I wish I could really invent a time machine or at least somebody else could. Maybe someday an inventor would invent a time machine. I hope that inventor would be me!

Samadhee Wijesekera (Grade 6)
Ladies’ College

My favourite author
When I was in LKG class, I was happy to see ‘Suranganavi and Pinchi.’ I learnt the Sinhala alphabet happily with Suranganavi and Pinchi. Then my mother gave lots of books written by ‘Suranganavi.’ She became my favourite author. She is Janaki Sooriyarachchi Nanda. Now I have lots of books written by her.
She is famous for children’s books. Her books have very funny and friendly names. Those books are very simple, short and easy to understand. And I know she can draw very nice pictures. They are very pretty and colourful. As kids we can learn lots of good things, good habits by reading her books.
When I’m reading her books I feel all the animals are our friends. They can talk with us, because she has taken animals as characters. Her Sinhala and English books are very interesting.
One day I would like to meet her and wish her all the best.

Thehas Gamage (Grade 2)
Sussex College, Negombo

Robin Hood
Everyone knows it is wrong to steal. According to our religion, stealing is a sin. But a person who stole, and is said to have lived in the 12th century is still being admired by people all over the world.
His name is Robin Hood. He had a friend called Little John. Robin Hood stole only from rich men. He never took goods from the poor. Instead he supplied them with the goods he stole from the rich.
No one dared to come against Robin Hood and his gang of men. So the people of that time considered him to be a hero. They built many legends around his name.

Amandi Lochana (Grade 9)
Vihara Maha Devi B.V., Kiribathgoda

My class teacher
My class teacher is
Ms. Dilini Sinnon.
Her school was Ave Maria Convent, Negombo.
Her favourite colour is purple. She is very fair.
Her hobby is making handwork.
She teaches us Environmental Studies, Maths, Handwork and Religion.
I love and respect my teacher. She has a nice smile on her face.

Kavitha (Grade 3)
Hillwood College, Kandy

I play badminton every day. I play badminton with my friends. It is an indoor game. There are a lot of my friends to play with me. There is a big badminton hall in our school.
I am playing badminton for my school. I participate in a lot of matches. I have a lot of medals. My mother, father and teachers help me. My badminton coaches are Mr. Danushka and Palitha. I like to play badminton very much.
I have a good national rank. I like to be good badminton player one day. I like to get an Olympic medal one day.

Sanula Lokugamage (Grade 4)
Rahula College, Matara

My teacher
My class teacher’s name is Harshani De Silva. She is very nice. She is short and fat. She gives advice when necessary. She is beautiful. She plays the mother’s role in class. She is very good and I love her very much. She teaches very nicely. She is my first teacher in my school life.
I can’t forget her forever.

Matale Int. School

A beautiful place I have visited
A beautiful place I have visited is Colombo. It has many interesting places more than other cities in our country. It is an industrial city with the best schools of our country.

I learnt many facts about Colombo  by our school trip along with my class friends.  First we visited the Bandaranaike / Katunayake Airport where there were people of different nationalities, Indian, British and Chinese. There might have been more but I only saw locals and three other nationals. Then we went to the Colombo Harbour, which had things like guns, cargo, lighthouses and ships, mostly the deep blue sea which has a shiny look because of the sun’s reflection. Then we ate our lunch in Galle Face grounds.

At last we went to Water World, saw fish and enjoyed the evening. Finally the day ended after seeing many amazing things this city had. Then we got into the bus and went back to school. My trip to Colombo was my most favourite trip yet. I love Colombo and its fascinating places.

Raamy Khaleel
Maliyadeva College, Kurunegala

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