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Road terrorism and the corruption ring

Private buses are a classic example of capitalism gone wrong in this country. In the pre-nationalisation era of yesteryear, private bus operators made a lot of money and provided a useful service to the people. With the advent of socialism, these companies were nationalised and the state began to have…



He reached the unreachable star

He reached the unreachable star

I hope to walk again in the future! The conviction with which it is being said is convincing and from what this Sri Lankan-born young doctor has achieved,…

This visionary leader would have played a vital role today

When he was tragically gunned down on April 23, 1993, Sri Lanka lost one of her greatest leaders. An able and erudite politician, brilliant orator and promising national…

A place to learn, laugh, and create

A place to learn, laugh, and create

Splashes of colour — a mix of reds and greens in one corner of a room, while in another bright purples and yellows! Twos and threes in little…

Do not get up if little green light is flashing!

Do not get up if little green light is flashing!

It is not every day that you come across this strange message. So what do you do if the Little Green Light is flashing and you want to…

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Stepping towards awareness

Stepping towards awareness

With a 44 day journey mapping the island nation complete, lives touched and old stigmas broken…

Sounds of metal ‘Maelstrom 2016’

In search of the elusive Chuck

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‘Mickey’ storms the stage with La Paloma

‘Mickey’ storms the stage with La Paloma

‘La Paloma’  is a popular Calypso music band in the Lanka’s music scene. Enthralling local audiences…

‘Tell me something…’

‘Spin a Disc’ for Trail 2016

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Funday Times

A Land Issue

A Land Issue

This article is part of a continuing series on Sri Lankan history In the copy of…

Kids Essays

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