You left behind a legacy that endures UPALI ABEYKOON Missing You, Appachchi Now, Appachchi, it’s time to disclose In verse instead of plain prose You just never seem to run out of steam You’re special, I know, ‘cause it shows In the cold you’re a fire’s warm spark Like an arrow you head for the [...]

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You left behind a legacy that endures
Missing You, Appachchi
Now, Appachchi, it’s time to disclose
In verse instead of plain prose
You just never seem to run out of steam
You’re special, I know, ‘cause it shows
In the cold you’re a fire’s warm spark
Like an arrow you head for the mark
You heed my troubles, they vanish like bubbles
Like a candle that lights up the dark
This feeling of emptiness started
Exactly the moment we parted,
I’m sad and I’m blue
I’m sure missing you

Thirteen years have passed since I lost my best friend, who was so dear and near to me. You were like my shadow Appachchi. Why did you have to go months before my wedding I wonder? This is a question, I to-date have no answer for – may be you did, and you forgot to tell me.

I only wish you were around to see me do well with all that you wished for me in my life.
Today I am blessed with four beautiful kids and I must tell you of our twin boys – what they say and do, they resonate your behaviour all the way, day in and day out . Whilst I enjoy every moment with them, inside me, my mind goes to the past, the time we spent together, a void I still struggle to fill especially the morning walks in the village when we visited Rikillagaskada. I make it a point to walk all the streets we walked together and I recall all the things we used to share.

The Department you spent so much time and devoted most of your precious life to, may or may not remember you as much as they did – but the legacy you left behind is here to stay. I love you and miss you ever so much my darling Appachchi. May you attain the bliss of nirvana!

Your ever-loving

- Nadee Kulatunga

Freely she received, freely she gave
Laurinda Jayasuriya was the fourth of seven children in the Andradi family, but she was the first child to be called to be at eternal rest and peace in the kingdom of God, perhaps because she was known to be the holiest in the family.

Laurinda, whose first death anniversary will be commemorated on September 1 had a deep, trusting and expectant faith in God’s amazing grace, unconditional love and mercy. As described in the Book of Hebrews 11:1, her faith was the realisation or assurance of what she hoped for and the certainty of what she could not see.

Growing in an awareness that she was the beloved daughter of God, she was ready and always willing to do God’s will and obey God’s commandment that “If you wish to be my follower you must deny yourself, rise above the self, take up your cross and come follow me”. Laurinda believed that God’s word was not just a request, it was a command. She gladly obeyed and the grace and love she received from God, she passed onto others. Freely, freely she received; freely, freely she gave.

Family members say that in her childhood Laurinda had a dream or a wish to be a nun. But God apparently had other plans when she and Gerard Jayasuriya fell in love and decided to enter into the sacrament of matrimony.

The inner transformation in Laurinda Jayasuriya’s life took place after she followed the eight initiation talks and surrendered her life to God through the Catholic Charismatic Revival Movement.

Like the Lord and the Blessed Mother she gave the first hour of the day to personal prayer and meditation reflected deeply on the holy scriptures and like the Blessed Mother she also would say “Behold the handmaid of the Lord; be done unto me according to thy word”.

If anyone was in need and asked for prayer Laurinda would gladly go even a long distance as the Lord and the Blessed Mother did. She interceded for others with such deep faith and hope that God often worked miracles and unexpected doors were open.

In line with God’s command, when people were hungry she gave them to eat, when they were thirsty she gave them to drink, when they needed clothing or shelter she provided it, when people were sick and lonely or imprisoned in their fears or troubles she visited them and gave them hope. When she passed away peacefully on September 1 last year and went to the Lord he would have said to her “Welcome to the Kingdom prepared for you, I was hungry and you fed me, I was thirsty and you gave me to drink…”

When Laurinda’s body was brought home after her death on September 1 last year, her younger sister Carmen who had a close friendship with her heard Laurinda saying, “Don’t cry, don’t be sad, I’m in heaven”. Perhaps she would like to share with her family, relatives and friends the story of the deep and growing relationship she had with the Lord; “Everybody needs a little help sometime, no one stands alone, makes no difference if you’re just a child of three, or a King upon a throne. For there are no exceptions, we all stand in the light, everybody needs a friend, let me tell you of mine.

He’s my forever friend, my leave me never friend, from darkest night, to rainbow’s end, he’s my forever friend.
If you still don’t know the one I’m talking of, I think it’s time you knew, long ago and far away upon a cross, my friend died for you. So if you’d like to meet him, and don’t know what to do, ask my friend into your heart, and he’ll be your friend too”.


He had a strong sense of duty

Lincoln Earle Samarasinghe was a quiet individual who shunned adulation and publicity. He was born on April 9, 1928 and passed away on July 23, 2016. Earle received his initial education at S. Thomas’ College, Mount Lavinia. He later went to Royal College, Colombo. After a successful period of studies, he entered the University of Colombo and completed his B.Sc (Honours) in Zoology. He was awarded a prestigious Rockefeller Foundation Fellowship to Colombia University in New York, where he obtained his masters degree in Information Science, in the early 1950s.

On his return to Sri Lanka he worked as an assistant lecturer in Zoology at Colombo University. I first met Earle as a medical student when he was the Medical College Librarian. During his tenure, he was instrumental in improving the medical library with a modern cataloguing system of text books, periodicals and magazines. Earle also improved the conditions of the library to the extent where both the students and post-graduates felt more comfortable while doing their studies and research. His final posting in Sri Lanka was as Assistant Director of the Department of Fisheries.

Earle was chosen by UNESCO in 1961. He had a distinguished career at UNESCO Paris from 1961 to 1987. As Program Specialist he travelled to over 88 countries. Earle’s hard work was rewarded with grade and incremental increases. After an excellent career he returned to Sri Lanka with his wife, Charmaine.

Earle had five children – Rapti, Susruta, Gameela, Nira and Sumaya (four girls and one boy). They were a close and well knit family and as proud parents, Earle and Charmaine stood by their children who grew up to do well in their respective fields. Their grandchildren also gave them much happiness.

After his retirement and return to Sri Lanka he enjoyed his favourite hobbies, placing a few bets on horse races abroad and playing bridge. Earle was however restless to do more work. He was instrumental in founding the Association of Former International Civil Servants (AFICS) – Sri Lanka. Earle was the Secretary General of AFICS under the presidency of Dr. Gamani Corea. They both served for 12 years, during which the membership increased and so did the projects.

AFICS came to the forefront soon after the Tsunami and a number of major projects were completed.
Earle will be missed by AFICS and his close friends. I can visualise Earle from somewhere up there, admonishing me with his finger and asking me what I’m doing by writing an appreciation on him.

To his beloved wife Charmaine, his children and in-laws our heartfelt sympathies. We know you will miss him.

-Dr. Nihal Abeyesundere

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