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Leave Only Your Footprints

Leave Only Your Footprints

By Manoshi de Silva Charith was going to spend his school vacation down south. They were to stay at his father’s friend, Uncle Ravi’s house, which was close to the beach. This meant playing in the sand, having sea baths, flying kites and so much more. Charith had been to this house a few years [...]

Sweet Sixteen!

For many years dear friends we have been ‘Funday Times’ today you’re sweet sixteen We’re proud to wish you ‘Happy Birthday!’ For many a time you’ve made our day! With wonderful news of prizes won, Invitations to events of knowledge and fun, Opportunities to meet successful ones Who inspire to play well, paint and pen, [...]

Happy Anniversary Funday Times

There are piles of newspapers for us to read. But among them there’s a newspaper especially edited for kids and that’s the Funday Times.  Funday Times started its service in the year 2000 and now it’s celebrating its 16th year of serving kids through the English medium. During the past 16 years, Funday Times acted [...]

Thanks for Funday Times

First of all I would like to thank the uncles and aunties who work in Funday Times. This is my final year to be a member of Funday Times.  In this year I am 17 years old. But still I don’t want to leave Funday Times because I had a lot of fun in Funday [...]

Kids Essays

Kids Essays

The importance of sports in a child’s life Sports is a very important thing in a child’s life. Along with education, sports affect a child’s life. Sport is a skill that improves one’s strength and abilities. Many sports can be mentioned which develop the mind and body such as badminton, table-tennis, swimming and athletics. Sports [...]

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