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Still a magical book

Still a magical book

Sixty years ago, a certain children’s book was written. This small book, which begins with the story of Kos Mama who went to Colombo to buy his very first umbrella, would win many awards both locally and internationally and bring much fame to its country of origin in the years to come. It would be [...]

Veteran Sri Lankan broadcaster awarded Pakistan’s third highest civilian award

Veteran Sri Lankan broadcaster and media consultant Mohamed Jamaludeen has been presented Pakistan’s third highest honour and civilian award – the Sitara-in-Imtiaz – for his “services to Pakistan”. The award was present to Mr. Jamaludeen by Pakistan’s President at a grand investiture ceremony in Islamabad on Pakistan’s Republic Day, March 23, 2016 in recognition of [...]

Mediscene on 4th Sunday

In view of the Avurudhu holidays, our health magazine Mediscene will be issued with the April 24 issue of the Sunday Times and not on the third Sunday of the month – April 17.

Reconciliation to inspire creativity

With about 2 ½ weeks left before its application deadline of April 29, Write to Reconcile, a free creative writing programme focused on reconciliation in Sri Lanka, is already receiving many submissions from those interested in participating. The organisers urge emerging and new writers and poets from Sri Lanka and the Diaspora to send in [...]

“Desha Keerthi Lanka Puthra”award for Major General Boniface Perera

Major General Boniface Perera presently serving as security forces commander Wanni and the Competent Aauthority for displaced people in the North was awarded “Desha Keerthi Lanka Puthra ” honour by the Ramanna Maha Nikaya on April 1, 2016,in recognition of his services to people in the North in bringing reconciliation to the North in particular. [...]

Donation of Taekwondo Equipment to the Sri Lanka Taekwondo Federation by South Korea

Donation of Taekwondo Equipment to the  Sri Lanka Taekwondo Federation by South Korea

Sponsored by two entities, Kukkiwon known as the World Taekwondo Headquarters and the World Taekwondo Peace Corps, the Embassy of the Republic of Korea donated Taekwondo equipment at a ceremony held on Wednesday, April 6 at the Embassy premises. At the ceremony, Taekwondo equipment including electronic body protector sets, body protectors and mats, worth Rs. [...]

Islamic speaker on lecture tour

Sheihk Lamal, known as Kamal el Mekki, a well-known Islamic Speaker in the United States, will be in Sri Lanka on a lecture tour from April 18 to 20. He is being invited by the Centre for Islamic Studies in Colombo.

Sathyasiri Awards 2016

Sathyasiri Awards 2016

Sathyasiri Award 2016 was conferred on deshamanya A. Zaid O. Mowlana at a function held recently at J.R. Jayawardena Cultural Centre by Namnadu Natpani Peravai. Picture shows Chief Guest A.H.M Fowzie State Minister of National Integration and Reconciliation handing over the award. Also in the picture is Alhaj Hassim Omar.

Minister of what? Portugal culture minister wants to slap critics

Critics of Portugal’s culture minister are calling on him to be fired for doing something, well, uncultured. After being called “incompetent” and promoting a “work style of chronyism, domineering and rudeness”, Culture Minister Joao Soares reckoned it was time to slap two columnists at an influential newspaper. “I see that I do have to find [...]

Microimage takes traditional HR into a digital era at HCM 2016

“Disrupt or be disrupted” was the key message delivered by Harsha Purasinghe at an exclusive Microimage HCM event held last week. Stressing upon human resources across industries to change their processes to keep up with today’s digital era, he urged his audience of industry CEOs and HR managers to face challenges that are changing the [...]

Winning the war against TB

SEATTLE – Humans have been battling tuberculosis since the Stone Age. But only in the last century has real progress been made against the disease. A vaccine, first used in humans in 1921, is still in use around the world today. And a series of antibiotics, beginning with streptomycin in the 1940s, has proven effective [...]

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