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Enough of 225 is enough

Much of the time and energy of most Honourable Members of Parliament these days has been directed to their blatant devotion to their self-preservation for the next six years. It’s 20A (20th Amendment to the Constitution); 20A; 20A all the way around the length and breadth of the country. To…



A man for all seasons

A man for all seasons

Tony Ranasinghe, the much loved screen hero passed away last week. Here D.C. Ranatunga looks back at his multi-faceted career He started with acting – first on stage…

The voice of protest

Vihanga Perera is a study in contrasts. On the internet and in the media, he is a forceful voice and a happy dissenter of mainstream opinion. As a…

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways

A few days ago, Luxshman Nadaraja called me and excitedly said that he had photographs and a small video clip, taken in Kumana, of the courtship dance of…

Little miracle

Little miracle

Saved from the rapidly-closing jaws of death! If not for the diagnosis of Familial Mediterranean Fever, a rare genetic disorder, reportedly for the first time in Sri Lanka…

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Sunday Times 2

International Yoga Day

Trickling down from the traditions of the Indus Valley civilisation, the world has collectively recognised India’s…

Through the skies of Colombo

Festival of choirs

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Mirror Magazine

Telling a lovers’ tale through dance

Telling a lovers’ tale through dance

The Arpeggio Academy of Creative Dance will revive their production of ‘The Lovers of Thambapanni’ for…

Mellow sounds

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TV Times

‘ON14’ : One year old

‘ON14’ : One year old

Celebration and music was the main theme at ON 14 as they turned one year old…

‘The C T Show’

‘Our Own Show’

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Funday Times

A Gift for My Father

A Gift for My Father

“I dedicate this story to my loving Thaththi!” Namal was sitting next to his father on…

Showing gratitude towards our elders

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