My favourite cartoon My favourite cartoon is Tom and Jerry. It is a cartoon of a cat and a mouse. The starting time of cartoon is 5 p.m. to 5.30 p.m. This cartoon is made in Hollywood. This is made by Walt Disney. The meaning of this cartoon is the cat is catching the mouse, [...]

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My favourite cartoon
My favourite cartoon is Tom and Jerry. It is a cartoon of a cat and a mouse. The starting time of cartoon is 5 p.m. to 5.30 p.m. This cartoon is made in Hollywood. This is made by Walt Disney. The meaning of this cartoon is the cat is catching the mouse, the mouse was running, the dog was hitting at the cat and helping the mouse. What I think about Tom and Jerry is the cat is rich and the mouse is poor. But it is not good about cats doing things to the mouse. I like this cartoon.

Anujee Nissanka (10 years)
Royal Int. School, Kegalle

Horton Plains
Horton Plains is a beautiful place in Sri Lanka. It is situated 20 miles from Nuwara Eliya and five miles from Ohiya.
Lots of wild animals and beautiful birds live there. Most of them are endemic to Sri Lanka and restricted to Horton Plains. There are lots of wild flowers and plants there. There are lots of waterfalls too.
Horton Plains is a head water place to three
Sri Lankan rivers. They are Mahaweli, Kelani and Walawe. The main things in Horton Plains are the Little World’s End, World’s End, Chimney Falls and Baker’s Falls. Because of all these, Horton Plains is a most popular tourist destination. We have to protect this beautiful place for the future.

Jayadhi Nuwandana (Grade 6)
Sujatha Vidyalaya, Matara

A trip to Mannar

I went to Mannar last year with my family. It was a bright sunny day in late August. We began our journey from Gampaha in the early hours and reached the Giant Tank around nine in the morning. That area is called ‘rice bowl.’  It is a marvellous creation by our kings.

Later we entered into the Mannar island crossing through a lagoon. The Dutch Fort of Mannar is a special attraction which was built by the Dutch in the 16th century. Then we visited a huge Baobab tree, nearly five-hundred years old. This tree is one of the largest in Sri Lanka.

In the evening, we travelled to the old pier of Talai-Mannar which is abandoned at the moment. Close to that is a magnificent lighthouse. Later that day, we were heading back home. It was a special event in my life.

Tharushi Somasiri (Grade 4),
Lyceum Int. School, Gampaha

City of Kandy
The City of Kandy is in Sri Lanka. It is the second biggest city in
Sri Lanka. It is situated in the Central Province. It is famous for the Temple of the Tooth. Earlier it was the kingdom of the last king, Sri Wickrama Rajasinghe.
The Botanical Garden is a famous place in Kandy. There are so many things to see in Kandy city. So many people are coming to Kandy from far places and abroad.
It is a very beautiful city.
The climate is very moderate.
The Peradeniya Botanical Garden and University of Peradeniya make Kandy more attractive to the tourist. Students from abroad come to study at this campus.
The most colourful Esala Perahera is held once a year.
This festival is a national festival for the people of Kandy. The tourists and people outside Kandy do not miss to visit the famous Embekke and Gadaladeniya Vihara. Different communities of people live in Kandy peacefully.

Hasna Azman (Grade 6)
St. Anthony’s Girls’ College, Kandy

The Environment
The environment means the living
place of an animal or a plant with a physical surrounding. The environment is made up as living and non-living things. The environment is polluted by human beings.
Noise pollution, water pollution, air pollution and radioactive pollution are pollutions that pollute the environment. Noise pollution is caused by horns, by factories etc. Water pollution is caused by polluting rivers, lakes. Land pollution is caused by putting polythene to the soil. Air pollution is caused by smoke from factories. Radioactive pollution is caused by scanners, x-ray machines.
If we don’t pollute the environment we can save it. If we don’t stop the pollution we will get diseases like cancers, heart attacks etc.
We want to save the environment by recycling, reusing, reducing. The environment is polluted by natural disasters, like earthquakes, droughts, floods etc. If we save forests, reservoirs it will be good for earth. As children we should keep our environment for the other generation. We will save the environment. We want to plant trees.

Thilanga Gunatunga (Grade 6)
R.I.S., Kegalle

Books are very useful. We can learn lots of things from books. Books give us knowledge. There are various books such as storybooks, music books, picture books etc.
I like to read books. I have lots of storybooks. We must take care of our books, put covers and protect our books.

Dewanmee Vihasna (Grade 5)
Musaeus College

A busy railway station
Whether it is morning or night, a railway station is non-stop busy. The railway station is busy to its fullest in the morning. If you happen to go to a railway station in the morning you could see chaos. You can witness an immense number of people running to get on the train. Many people get on the train, forgetting to take their luggage aboard with them.

A busy railway station is crowded with people, both young and old, who have come for various purposes. Some people come there to go to work or to go on some other journey while others are there to wave goodbye to their loved ones. Many people stumble over suitcases left on the platform by forgetful owners.
A busy railway station is a perfect opportunity for a pick-pocket. They can pick wallets, purses and even suitcases! Moreover they can get away unnoticed. A railway station is less busy at night. People arrive home from work and journeys.

As a book lover, I know that the railway station has been a great source of inspiration for many world renowned writers such as E. Nesbit who wrote ‘The Railway Children’. Moreover it may be an inspiration for writers to create many more masterpieces.

Samadhi Hemapala (12 years)
Louvre College

My best friend

My best friend is Althaf Nilawfer. He is 11 years old. He is in Grade Five. Both of us are in the same school. That means we are ‘Zahirians.’
He always plays with me. He is short and fair. He comes to help me when I am in trouble. He is very good and kind to me. There are seven members in his family.
He lives infront of my house. He loves to play with me. I have never met such a good friend in my whole life.

Farhan Thahir (Grade 4)
Zahira College

My new class
My new class is 2F. It is on the second floor. Our class teacher is Mrs. Pavithra Yahampath.
She is a very good friend too. There is a big table and chair for the teacher.
There are 36 students in our class. We have been divided into six groups. All the chairs and desks are painted in green. The walls are white. We have a blackboard and a white board in our class. We learn lots of new things in the class. It’s very interesting to be in this class. I love my class and my class teacher very much.

Yuhara Lakshman (6 years)
Musaeus College

My trip to Bandarawela
Amma, Thaththa and I went to Bandarawela on a holiday. It was raining and very cold. I saw many waterfalls and mountains. We went to see the Adisham monastery and a tea factory. I saw how tea is made from tea leaves. We went to see the Dowa Rock Temple. We saw paintings on a rock.
I enjoyed my trip very much.

Gaveen Jayasekera (8 years)
S. Thomas’ Preparatory School

My class teacher
Mrs. Radhmini is my class teacher. She helps us to do our studies.
She is tall and very beautiful. My teacher
is fair. I love my teacher.

Ayathna Karunarathna (Grade 5)
Sujatha B. V., Narahenpita

My mother

My mother is the most important person in my life. I have been mentioning her in almost every sentence in my life. She is a really big part of it.
I have known my mother for 11 years. I have loved her since the first day we met. My relatives tell me how important I am in my mum’s life. I was and still am her joy, strength, peace and love.

My mum is always straightforward.
She explains things very simply. I thank her for being simple.

She has taught me all I need to know to live life. She taught me how to feel, and she showed me how to handle feelings of anger, fear, guilt, joy, sadness, hate etc. She also showed me how to give and take. She showed me that giving makes one happier. I am sure that she’s right because most of her life she has been giving me what I need.
I love my mother so much and our love for each other will never end.

Manisha Dissanayake (Grade 7)
St. Bridget’s Convent

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