My Teacher I love my class teacher. Her name is Mrs. Sanjeewani Handapangoda. She is very kind and loves every child but when the children are naughty she is very strict. My teacher always corrects us and gives advice to us. She will make us comfortable in studies and she explains it as clear as [...]

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My Teacher

I love my class teacher. Her name is Mrs. Sanjeewani Handapangoda. She is very kind and loves every child but when the children are naughty she is very strict. My teacher always corrects us and gives advice to us. She will make us comfortable in studies and she explains it as clear
as crystal.
When I was naughty, she showed me the correct path and appointed me as a monitor. After that, I have confidence and courage. Now I am studying well and do my homework properly. Because of that, I will never forget my teacher on all my life.
I will pray that my teacher has a good, healthy and wealthy life.

Inshifa Aneesh (13 years)
Muslim Ladies’ College

My teacher

My teacher’s name is Kokila. She is very kind. She is very fair too. She has nice sarees. I love my teacher more than my life.

Methni (8 years)
Musaeus College

My English Teacher
My English teacher is Mrs. Shirani Rathnayaka.
She is very good and kind. She is fair and beautiful. She has long black hair. She is very neat. She wears skirt and blouse. She wears trousers when she goes to the town.
My English teacher
has a lovely daughter.
My teacher helps me to speak and write English. She teaches me very well. She lives in Maharagama.
I love my teacher very much. She loves me too. I wish her happiness and long life.

Chamathki Suraweera (11 years)
Musaeus College

The International Book Fair
The International Book Fair is held at the BMICH. I went there with my mother, brother and sister. It was the opening ceremony. I was so lucky to see the President of Sri Lanka, Hon. Mahinda Rajapaksa at the ceremony. He lit the oil lamp and gave a speech. Then he signed a document to mark the opening ceremony. A large number of people gathered to see him.
There were many shops and stalls full of thousands of books. I could not select a book because there was so many of them. There were storybooks, subject books, stationery items and many more. You can buy books and stationery items for a discount. Many school children, teachers, university students come to buy books. It was a great experience for me.

Saumya Pandithakoralege (Grade 5)
St. Bridget’s Convent


Water is very precious. We need water to live. Even trees and plants need water to live. We use water for cooking, cleaning, washing, bathing and drinking.
We also use water to get hydro-power.
We get water from taps, wells, rivers, lakes, seas and mostly from rain. Water gives us energy. Water is colourless and has no smell. Unclean water can be cleaned by boiling and filtering. Water is the best drink in the universe. It is our responsibility to save water and Mother Nature.

Roshith Abeysundara (8 years)
St. Peter’s College

Anatomy of the Universe

The universe contains everything that exists from the tiniest sub-atomic particles to galactic super-clusters. Nobody knows how big the universe
is but astronomers estimate that it
contains about 100 billion galaxies, each comprising 100 billion stars.
The most widely accepted theory about the origin of the universe is
The Big Bang Theory, which states that the universe came into being in a huge explosion – The Big Bang – that took place between 10 to 20 billion years ago. The universe initially consisted of a very hot, dense fireball of expanding although there were localized areas in which objects were held together by gravity. The Big Bang Theory is
supported by the discovery of faint, cool background radiation coming evenly from all directions. This radiation is believed to be the remnant of the
radiation produced by the Big Bang.
Astronomers do not know, if the universe is closed, which means it will eventually stop expanding and begin to contract, or if it is open, which means that it will continue expanding forever.

Anjani Somaweera (14 years)
Louvre Int. School, Nugegoda

My pet

My pet ‘Boots’ is a beautiful Pomeranian dog. He is four years old. When I was in Grade Two, my father brought him as a small pup. He was always barking when he was a pup, perhaps he might have been missing his mother. We fed him milk, dog food and soup. When he was growing up, he loved to eat small bones and other solid food.
Now, as a grown up dog, he loves to play with us and my brother has trained him to play with a ball and rubber rings. We give him vitamins and other medicines that the veterinary surgeon has prescribed. We bathe him and he has a small kennel to rest in.
Sometimes he barks ferociously when he see strangers. Most of the time he sits with us when we watch TV. I think he enjoys watching TV too.
I love my pet very much.

Berglind Rozarius
(9 years)
Ladies’ College

Dear Teacher

When I came to school,
The very first day,
Your smile made me stay,
You taught me
Virtues and morals,

And gave me
Knowledge and education.
You gave me love,
A fountain of joy,

A river of warmth,
And a flower of beauty.
Your pink sari,
Was a rose flower,

Our teachers
We meet a lot of teachers in our school life. They teach us various things. In my school there are about 86 teachers.
Most teachers are kind and concerned about us. Some are quite strict. They assist us in our studies. They teach us various subjects and explain difficult things which we are unable to understand. Apart from our studies, they teach us good manners and guide us to lead good lives.
They also teach us how to respect our elders and parents. Without their help and support it would be hard for us to learn.

A kind and good teacher always treats all students equally. However, they give help to students who are slow in their studies. As students we must be obedient and attentive to our teachers. We must help our teachers whenever we can. It’s our duty.
There is a special day for teachers. October 5 is Teachers Day. It is our responsibility to study well.

Thrishna Paskaran (Grade 5))
Royal Int. School, Kegalle

When I saw it
I became calmer,
I lost fear,
You were there,

Dear teacher,
I cannot repay you,
I worship you,
With hands on forehead.

Dulshara Nirmani
(Grade 10)
Brilliant Stars Int. College, Matara

The Annual Prize Giving of our school

Our school annual prize giving was held on July 4 at our school auditorium. The chief guest was
Dr. Mrs. Taniya Warnakulasuriya. She is a past pupil of our school.
First, the western band of our school welcomed the chief guests. Then all the children and others gathered in the auditorium stood for the opening prayer. The chief guests and the Rev. Sisters were called to light the oil lamp. Before lighting the lamp, there was a nice dance performed by some of the students.
After all, the best attendants of the year 2013 from Grade 1 – 13 got their awards. Then there were some beautiful performances. Then the other prize winners too got their awards. Our principal Rev. Sr. Shirani Algama gave a speech. The chief guest too gave a speech. At the end of the programme we sang the National Anthem. It was a very nice day.

Semali Lowe (Grade 7)
Ave Maria Convent, Negombo

On Eagles Wings 2014
The choir of St. Anthony’s College Kandy organized ‘On Eagles Wings 2014’ for the sixth time. ‘An evening of Multi-Lingual Rhythmic Ballads’ was the theme for this year. It was held in the college main hall on April 5, 2014. Almost 62 choristers teamed up in harmony to make it a 4-part choir.
Half of the choristers were Buddhists and the others were Christians, Hindus and Muslims. This is our strength and uniqueness under the Anthonian banner, being a Gregorian choir started in 2005.
Our chief guest that evening was Rev. Fr. Elmo Dias, Rector of the National Seminary Ampitiya, Kandy. Announcing, music, stage decorations, tickets and various things were done by the old choristers because it is the tradition of ‘On Eagles Wings.’
The Anthonian version of the ‘Hymn to St. Anthony’ was a unique feature for this year, and for the choir as well.
The launch of ‘On Eagles Wings’ DVD is yet another feature we are looking forward to.
We started off with some gospel songs and the second segment was filled with oldies. A bag full of Tamil, Hindi and Sinhala hits filled the last segment. The audience went crazy as we sang. It made them clap, sing and dance along with us.

Tharusha Fernando (12 years)
St. Anthony’s College, Kandy

Madduma Bandara

Madduma Bandara was a brave little boy. He was just eight years old. His father was Ehelepola Nilame and his mother was Ehelepola Kumarihamy. His father was a minister of the Royal Parliament.
They lived in the Kandyan Kingdom. He was very kind and sensitive. He loved his father and his family very much. He loved his country too. Therefore he sacrificed his life for the sake of his father and whole family.
So, we consider Madduma Bandara as a child hero. Madduma Bandara lives in our hearts forever.

Akshan Rafeek (Grade 7)
Maliyadeva College,

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