My sister My sister’s name is Farah. She is three years old. She likes to eat fruits and drink milk. I love my sister. Amna Moulana (Grade 3) Muslim Ladies’ College, Colombo 4 Myself My name is Mohamed Naahil Sobah. I am ten years old. I study at Royal Institute Havelock Town. My favourite subject [...]

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My sister
My sister’s name is Farah. She is three years old. She likes to eat fruits and drink milk.
I love my sister.

Amna Moulana (Grade 3)
Muslim Ladies’ College, Colombo 4

My name is Mohamed Naahil Sobah. I am ten years old. I study at Royal Institute Havelock Town.
My favourite subject is Science. I live in Wellawatte. I am from Maldives.
I love to eat pizza and
I love to drink Mirinda.
My favourite sports are
basketball and swimming. My hobbies are collecting
car stickers, drawing and
reading. I love to travel.

Naahil Sobah (10 years)
Royal Institute
Havelock Town

There are different types of transport. People travel on the road, by cars, bikes and buses. People travel by sea on ships and by sky on aeroplanes to other countries. But travelling by aeroplane saves a lot of time. People also travel long distance by train. Travelling by bus is cheaper so people travel daily to work by bus.

Abdul Malik (7 years)Royal Institute

Our holiday trip
During the holidays we made our family trip to Nuwara Eliya. We were in a holiday home. Nuwara Eliya was thickly crowded. We went on a boat ride. My small sister was frightened to go on a pony ride. We visited the Victoria Park too.

In our group, we had our parents and grandparents. It was very cold there in Nuwara Eliya. We went
to Bandarawela also. All of us enjoyed the trip very much.

Janindu Fernando
(Grade 5)
S. Thomas’ Preparatory School, Colombo 3

My favourite cartoon
My favourite cartoon is Phineas and Ferb. It is about two brothers who make
different things during their three month summer vacation. Phineas and Ferb’s sister, Candace tries to show her mother what the brothers have made so she could ground them. But somehow their masterpieces are always mysteriously gone! Phineas and Ferb haven’t done it!
Perry, their pet platypus is a secret agent and he fights an evil scientist called Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz. Doofenshmirtsz makes evil inventions because he had an unlucky
childhood due to many things. I like the cartoon Phineas and Ferb because it is adventurous, fun and has a lot of songs.

Misha Miskin (Grade 4)
Horizon College Int., Malabe

The importance of learning English
English is an important language. We received the English language from the British. English is being taught in school all over the country. Learning English will improve our language skills. The English  language is spoken and learned by people all over the world.
Even though a number of  languages are being used in all the countries in the world, priority is given to the English language. It is an
international language.

The knowledge of English is the gate for communication with foreigners. English is used not only as a second language but also as a link language. Nearly two thirds of the world population use English to perform their daily activities. English language promotes the skills of nations. Therefore learning English will be the path to success.

Shenal Fernando (12 years)
St. Peter’s College, Colombo 4

The sacred Deegawapiya
Deegawapiya is one of the 16 sacred places visited by the  Lord Buddha. It is located in the Ampara district, 18km off from Ampara city. Eight years after enlightenment, the Buddha visited Kelaniya. That was his third visit to Sri Lanka. During that visit he spent some time mediating at Deegawapiya. Later King Saddhatissa, the brother of King Dutugemunu built a stupa at the place where the Buddha meditated. It is believed that the sacred nail relic of Lord Buddha is deposited there.

Time passed away and Deegawapiya stupa was neglected. For a few centuries this Deegawapiya stupa was covered by the thick jungle. Later due to the curiosity of Kohukumbure Revata Thero, this hidden stupa was  discovered. Although this place didn’t get much attention during 30 years of war, now it is visited by many Buddhists. It is our duty to protect this important place.

Hansana Subasinghe (Grade 6)
Vidura College

Animals of the past
Dinosaurs were animals of the past.
They were found in many sizes. Some dinosaurs were large enough to stamp an elephant such as, Spinosaurus, Brachiosaurus and Apatasaurus. Others were small in size like the Euparkeria, Archosaur and Compsognathus etc.
Some dinosaurs were plant-eating dinosaurs and some were meat-eating dinosaurs. Some could fly too, such as the Pterosaurs etc. Some could even swim.
I’m glad that I don’t live with dinosaurs bit I like studying about them a lot.

Aatheedh Samsudeen
(9 years)
Learnium Int. School

My favourite sport
I like the ball
That flies in the sky
For the shot I hit
Like a bird flying so high

The ball comes and goes
To me and I hit it
If I miss one shot I’m out
It is Tennis

Sanithu Hikkaduwage (8 years)
D. S. Senanayake College

I am Udara. I love my dad and mum.
I have a sister. I love her.
I have a pet.
It is a cat.
I like mangoes. I can sing.

Udara Weerasekara
(Grade 1)
Vidyaloka P. S.,

My class teacher

My class teacher is
Mrs. Chandani. She is tall and thin. Her favourite colour is green. My class teacher is pretty and kind. She relates nice stories and helps me to study. She helps us a lot.

Shanali Imashi (8 years)

A trip to Nuwara Eliya
Last month I went to Nuwara Eliya with my
family. We went at 8 in the morning. We reached there at around 10 a.m.
First we went to Mackwoods Tea Factory and had tea there. It was very tasty. Also we went to the Strawberry Farm and ate strawberry pancakes.
Nuwara Eliya is very cool and beautiful. We saw many waterfalls and lakes. We came back home in the night. It was a wonderful trip.

Sanoordeen Mohamed
(8 years)
Royal Int. School, Kurunegala

My brother
My brother’s name is Dineth Kanishka Ekanayake. He is a little boy. He is one year old. He is naughty.
My brother likes to eat Golden Cow biscuits and drink milk. He is my best friend. I love him.

Prabashi Ekanayake (Grade 5)
St. Agnes Girls’ School,

Facebook is a popular and most widely used social networking site nowadays. It helps us to connect
worldwide. As it is free, it has
become one of the best mediums for
communication. Just like everything else, Facebook also has its advantages and disadvantages.
Facebook allows us to share our desires and sorrows, ask public
opinions and ask questions.
We can also find new friends through Facebook. It is also the most
appropriate tool for finding our old friends. Facebook entertains people through some applications and games. It also helps in eliminating the effect of distance between friends, parents, relatives etc.
On the other hand, Facebook can be destructive as it is a very addictive site. Once we start using it, it is hard to stop using it. We will get so addicted that we cannot stay back from logging into it. Excess use of Facebook will lead the child to go away from studies.
We children should know how to
use it. Facebook can be good and
interesting at times. We should be able to identify and do what is good and refrain from the bad actions.

Afra Iqbal (15 years)
Highline Int. School

My country
My country is Sri Lanka. It is surrounded by the Indian Ocean. It is known as the Pearl of the Indian Ocean. Our capital city is Sri Jayawardanapura Kotte. Our President is Hon. Mahinda Rajapaksa.
Jungle Fowl is our national bird. Giant Squirrel is our national
animal. Our national flower is Blue Water Lily. Our flag is the Lion flag. Our national tree is Iron Wood tree. Volleyball is our national game.
Our National Anthem was composed by Ananda Samarakoon.
Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims and Burghers live in our country. There are many
rivers in our country. The longest river in our country is the Mahaweli River and the
highest mountain is Pidurutalagala. Tea, rubber and coconut are the cash crops of our country. It is a beautiful country. I love my country.

Hamna Imsiyan (Grade 4)
Royal Int. School, Kegalle

An aeroplane speaks
I am an aeroplane. I am a big
aircraft. My colours are white, blue, red and green. I belong to Sri Lankan Airlines. I was born in Sri Lanka.
The engineers created me in 2008.
I travel to the other countries.
My job is to transport people.
There are many kinds of people that travel in my body, like presidents, queens, doctors and businessmen.
I have a master. He is the pilot.
Pilot helps to control my body.
Instead of pilots some people help the
traveller. They are air hostesses.
When I am going in the sky I can see clouds. I have lots of experiences. When I am looking down, I can see
rivers flowing, the rooftops of houses, the people, mountains, roadsides etc.
I think I am fortunate to have this experience. Sometimes I go through the thick mist. But I carry my
passengers carefully. When there is snow falling also, I used to travel.
I am like a free bird.

Raneesha Wimalasooriya (11 years)
Ave Maria Convent, Negombo

A noble day has come,
To celebrate the Birth, Enlightenment
And the Death of
Lord Buddha.
People clad in white
And throng to temples to observe sil,
Many others decorate their houses,
With lanterns, streamers and flags,
And illuminate
With colourful electric bulbs
And oil lamps,
Colourful pandals
Depicting Jathaka stories,
And refreshments for
From ‘Dansals.’
Whole world is ready,
To mark Vesak.

Naduni Imesha
(Grade 10)
Ovitigala M.V.,

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