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Massive kickbacks in unsolicited projects

It has long been suggested that the UPFA Government’s signature fondness for unsolicited proposals comes from the generous fringe benefits they earn for some of its members. It is also speculated that Sri Lanka pays premium rates for its gleaming new infrastructure because prices are inflated to include massive kickbacks.…



Armed with camera traps the hunt is on

Armed with camera traps the hunt is on

Wilpattu beckoned tantalizingly. For a brief moment in time, deadlines and headlines and also domestic responsibilities placed on hold, we answered the call of the wild, spending a…


Cast your vote wisely to get us out of this tangled web As the drama begins to unfold in the Provincial Council elections, the voters should keep their…

Merging construction with landscape

Merging construction with landscape

Driving down a winding lane and up to architect Mihindu Keerthiratne’s offices in Nawala, we find our way barred by an imposing white gate. A narrow entrance on…


Berty Mendis Your picture will never fade away The remains of BertyMendis were placed at his Ja-Ela residence as grieving colleagues, friends and neighbours poured in. Residents related…

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Mirror Magazine

Ten Sing rocks Kandy

Ten Sing rocks Kandy

Ten Sing Norway took the stage at the Kandy City Centre by storm. From pop band…

Empowering children

‘Afterlife 2014’ – platform for rock bands

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TV Times

YES101 roars louder

YES101 roars louder

Sri Lanka’s No. 1 Hit Music Station, YES101 & 100.8 invites each and every one of…

MISTY hits the international road again…..

Friday Live Jazz @ Cloud Cafe

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Sore mouth: A tell-tale sign

Sore mouth: A tell-tale sign

Fever, body aches and pains and a sore mouth are the signs of this very contagious…

Human Rabies Deadly but preventable

Tailor-made physiotherapy

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