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A Staircase of Books

A Staircase of Books

Sarith was at the Book Fair in Colombo on Wednesday. How did it happen? He had to meet the dentist and he had excused himself from school on that day. After meeting his dentist which took about one and a half hours, his mom dropped him off at the book fair.  He had money for [...]

Kids’ world

My brother My brother is Banuka. He is six years old. He lives in Colombo. He can run fast. He likes apples. His favourite drink is milk. He can’t ride bicycles. He has lots of toys. He plays with me. I love my brother very much. Yasuru Rashmika (Grade 4), B/Dikkapitiya Vidyalaya My father My father [...]

Amma | Capital Cities

Amma | Capital Cities

Win! Win! Win! Super books from Vijitha Yapa Bookshop

9 years and below | Write not more than 150 words on ‘The postman.’ Fun for the Secret Seven by Enid Blyton The Seven arevery fond of Tolly and his horse, Brownie, so they’re determined to help out when Brownie is sick. But they need to find Tolly and Brownie somewhere to hide out – somewhere that dangerous [...]

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