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It’s all in that ‘moment’

It’s all in that ‘moment’

“It’s important to capture moments, not create them,” Lipton Jayawickrama comments on the exact art of wedding photography. “Unfortunately, this is something most of our photographers-and couples-happily forget!” It’s quite common to hear a photographer instructing the unsuspecting couple to gaze adoringly at an inanimate object, he grins, shaking his head. “But you know what’s [...]

A revelation, it certainly was

7 p.m. on a Friday evening and the Park Street Mews is buzzing with the opening of REVEAL, an exhibition dedicated to displaying the creative portfolios of the AOD(Academy of Design) graduating class of 2012 for leaders of the industry. A quick glance around the Mews Warehouse and it would be hard to be unimpressed [...]

Writing under the gaze of her Saraswati

Writing under the gaze of her Saraswati

Bowing before Saraswati for a few minutes at the start of every school term, Hindu schoolchildren in India pray for her blessing on their books and their efforts. Lankan writer Yasmine Gooneratne asks much the same of the goddess, though in her case, she is actually writing the books themselves. “There was a point in [...]

Memories are made of square grids

Memories are made of square grids

“The work has to communicate and speak for itself, and the quotation by Balthus in your Gallery sums it up, ‘Painting is a language which cannot be replaced by another language. I don’t know what to say about what I paint really.” Noorjehan Bilgrami is a Pakistani artist, textile designer, researcher and filmmaker whose work [...]

Young dancers to get you in dance mood

A scintillating mix of modern and Latin American dance will be on the stage at the Bishop’s College auditorium on August 19 when ‘Ballroom Kids’ of ADC (Antonio’s Dance Circle) present ‘Light up the Stage’. This dance extravaganza is being held primarily to raise funds for the 13 couples of the Ballroom Kids who are [...]

Mirror Magazine

Playing till his fingers bled

When Vidhu Jayawardene was six years old, he would wait impatiently for his grandfather to retire for his afternoon siesta. He would tiptoe into his grandfather’s room, pick up his most prized possession- his guitar- and then spend a delicious ten minutes plucking at the strings before replacing it. “Now I look back on it,” [...]

Sister act wins out at Law College dance show

Sister act wins out at Law College dance show

A dance competition was recently organised by the students of the Sri Law College. The college’s Sinhala Union students were behind the initiation of the programme which was held at the Law College auditorium. The programme titled “Thalarangi” was held last month with the chief guest being Dr. W D Rodrigo, Principal of the Law [...]

The pancake boy

There’s was a little boy we used to see at the grocery shop near our house. He is usually there in the evenings holding a red plastic bowl on the top of his head. When you turn his way , he looks at you pleadingly and begs you to buy the pancakes in his bowl. [...]

Magician’s Tool Box take top prize at Onstage

The finalists of the TNL Onstage Competition held recently at the Vihara Maha Devi Amphitheatre battled it out with some great performances that thrilled a packed crowd. After a hard fought battle the band Magician’s Toolbox was adjudged the best band of the evening . In the soloists’ category , the performance by vocalist Melissa [...]

A celebration of diverse musical genres

It promises to be an event quite unlike any the city has seen before. Sprawling over 4 days and 16 different locations, the ‘Senses and Soul’ Colombo Music Festival 2012 will bring together over a 100 exceptionally gifted artistes from 17 countries. A diversity of genres – from grunge to classical – will offer up [...]

Straight drive to down under glory

Straight drive to down under glory

With the whirlwind of the Olympics, the Sri Lanka Premier League and the approaching Twenty20 World Cup capturing most of our attention, it is easy to lose sight of another sensational stage for young talent: The ICC Under 19 World Cup. The marquee junior cricket tournament, which kicked off in Australia, poses a unique opportunity [...]

TV Times

Safe House Dance Floor at Nawam Mawatha

‘Electrasia Vol 1- Safe House’, one of Colombo’s biggest dance music – DJ Productions, will come alive at the Colombo’s idyllic prestigious location Nawam Mawatha Open Air Warehouse on Saturday, 25 August from 8.00pm. ‘Electrasia Vol 1- Safe House’ will feature some of Sri Lanka’s best talked about DJs and three top internationally acclaimed DJs [...]

Hilton’s ‘Street Party’ to commemorate 25 years

A grand musical entertainment evening with Street Cooking Festival has been organized by the Hilton Colombo to commemorate its 25 years operations in Sri Lanka on 25 August starting from 6.00pm. The evening will include a line up of leading Sri Lankan acts with an array of performances by best known contemporary artistes from the [...]

A boost for Sinhala cinema literature

A boost for Sinhala cinema literature

Started as a producer with ‘Aba’ one of the most successful films in Sri Lankan cinema history, Justin Belagamage has yet again presented another truly valuable and historical gift to country cinema industry with‘Sankshiptha Cinema Vishwakoshaya ha Ingrisi Sinhala Shabdakoshaya’ or ‘Concise Sinhala Encyclopedia on Cinema and English Sinhala Glossary of Cinematic Terms’, a rare [...]

Experimental theatrical experience

‘Romeo Juliet La’, a Sinhala drama, an experimental theatre experience based on world renowned William Shakespeare’s most popular play ‘Romeo Juliet’ will go on the boards at 6.30 pm on August 18 at K. C. P. Hall Kadawatha. Organised by the University of Kelaniya the play questions some of the fundamental questioned on the world [...]

‘Kandy Spice Food Festival 2012’

‘Kandy Spice Food Festival 2012’

‘Kandy Spice Food Festival 2012’, the event of the Kandy Hoteliers Association gets underway for the third consecutive year at the Kandy City Centre from 30 August to 2 September with the collaboration of Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority. Culinary skills of some of the best master chefs from Kandy / Nuwara-Eliya’s reputed hotels come [...]

‘Ahas Gawwa’: A tale of trio

Experienced filmmaker, Christy Shelton Fernando’s latest teleplay ‘Ahas Gawwa’, a story of three young friends and their lives with challenges they have to face as they reach adolescence, is now being screened on every Saturday and Sunday from 7.30 pm onwards on Swarnavahini. Starring Eranga Jeevantha, Kishani Alanki , Harsha Tennakoon, Ramya Wanigasekara, Anjula Rajapaksha, [...]

Hoteliers dance to the beat of Misty

The ‘Gravitas Hoteliers’ Ball -2012’ organized by Ceylon Hotel School Graduates’ Association (CHSGA) was held recently at the Cinnamon Grand Oak Room to the rhythms of ‘Misty and ‘Audiosquad’. This year CHSGA’s annual Hoteliers’ Ball is homage to ‘Ian Fleming’ on over a Century of the authors’ birth and 50 years celebration of James Bond, [...]

Cantaloupe Aqua featured in UK’s Sunday Times

Cantaloupe Aqua, a private hotel and Beach Club in Talpe, Galle was recently featured in the UK?s Sunday Times Travel Magazine as one of the top 50 ?Unbelievable Hotels Under 100?. Named among some of the top hotels around the world, Cantaloupe Aqua was the only Sri Lankan hotel to make it into the top [...]

An Introduction to Unagi at Cinnamon Lakeside

The Sushi Bar at Cinnamon Lakeside introduces a new Japanese delicacy in the form of a variety of Unagi dishes. The Unagi dishes at the Sushi Bar consist of freshwater eels prepared in a variety of traditional concepts. Fresh water eels are a long standing Japanese delicacy consumed during the hottest times of the year, [...]

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