Hold referendum on PCs and 13A

Last week marked the 25th anniversary of a controversial agreement officially known as the ‘Indo-Sri Lanka Agreement to establish Peace and Normalcy in Sri Lanka’, more commonly called the Indo-Lanka Accord. In a few months, we will mark, though not necessarily celebrate, the 25th anniversary of the 13A (the 13th…



The headliners

The headliners

In a simple but colourful ceremony at the Mount Lavinia Hotel in Colombo on Tuesday night organized by the Editors’ Guild of Sri Lanka and the Sri Lanka…

Letters to the Editor

Why do bullying nations pick on Sri Lanka? In its international relations, Sri Lanka has been a non-violent, non-interfering member of the world community. However, we are bullied…


Distinguished veterinarian and scholar, honoured here and abroad Prof. PETER SENEVIRATNA Prof. Peter Seneviratna, who is remembered with respect and affection by many generations of veterinarian students, passed…

Art exhibition brings out Swanee’s other ‘love’

Swanee Jayawardene would occasionally refer to painting as her “fourth child.” There were times when it claimed her utterly and then she would stand at the easel in…

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Sunday Times 2

Marilyn Monroe’s blonde bombshell smolders on

Marilyn Monroe’s blonde bombshell smolders on

NEW YORK, (AFP) She was the prototype blonde bombshell and 50 years after her sudden death,…

Ban scolds world powers on Syria as fighting rages

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Mirror Magazine

Art in focus

Art in focus

“Triangle”, an exhibition of abstract, landscape and non-perspective art by Vimukthi Sahan will be held at…

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Platform for local artists

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