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Celebrating its twelve year run, TNL onstage will showcase a dozen talented performances

TNL onstage in its twelfth season will take place this August. There are six band performances and six soloists. Among the soloists is Shane von Vincent, who is excited at the prospect of performing and says everything feels like a dream come true.
“The best part is when the crowd goes crazy,” says Prabodhya Fernando who has been performing for the past two to three years and also has his own band.

Shali Fernando is definitely a performer with a difference. Hailing from a musical family he has chosen alternative and Gospel rock to be his genre. “I’m hoping to give something different to the crowd. I never thought I’ll get this far but with the grace of God I’m here and I’m thankful to all.”

The only female performer among the finalists, Melissa Pereira, is glad she could make her dream of becoming a musician a reality. “It’s been a tough competition but my confidence is high”.

John Rajitha thinks it’s a tight competition but a good song and good practice will make a great difference. “The important thing is to do your best and have fun on the stage.” Chalitha Weerakkody says he is happy with the feedback he has received so far. “Now that I’m in the finals, my aim is to get the crowd moving and I want to do something different in the performance.”

‘Rivera’ is a group of five who had started off playing rock and roll and is now experimenting with power metal. The band are putting everything they have into the countless hours of practice. It is a dream come true for ‘Killfeed’ who will showcase their music for the third year running. After shedding their amateur robes and releasing their own work, they say their confidence levels are high.

‘Magicians tool box’ is another group of five who think the show gave them great exposure. They too have been in the business for some time and feel proud to have made it so far in the competition.

“We are normal guys with normal lives and music is our hobby,” says ‘Twisted minit’ which comprises – Eshan, Hani (momo) and Abdul (AQ) who separately has been in the business for 12 years but got together as a group specifically for TNL onstage. They are also the only Hip Hop group in the competition and have happily taken this on as a challenge. Though they have performed overseas they were surprised to have made it so far in the competition. However they seem to have gotten the vibe of the Sri Lankan audience. “The crowd is good, the game is rough, but we love challenges and our confidence is high”.

‘Trojan Arc’ is another group who play heavy metal but try to throw their own identities into the mix. “The crowd is great and we even had to change our game plan but our confidence is at 200 percent.”

‘Disclaimer’ is a quintet comprising university students. They are thankful for their parents, friends, fans and TNL for the support given to them and look to do well in the upcoming competition.

TNL onstage will take place on August 4, at the Vihara Maha Devi amphitheatre from 7.30pm onwards. Further information is available on their facebook page. Tickets will be available closer to the event at the TNL headoffice.
Magazine cover by Aki Pieris

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