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He’s been to 198 countries without boarding a single flight. Smack in the midst of a Guinness World Record attempt to be the first man to visit every sovereign nation on Earth without flying, Graham Hughes is a hard man to pin down. But as he’s currently stranded in Sri Lanka, his 198th destination, with [...]

Memories are made of a box of tissues

Mariam Riza keeps 35 tissues in a box. Each carries a discreet little brand and one glimpse is all she needs to remember where and why she picked it up. A tissue from Yoshinoya is the oldest in the collection, a reminder of sitting down to her first Japanese meal in Singapore in 2007. Mariam was [...]

Tonight’s the big night when we all find out who of these young beauties will wear the glittering crown of Miss Sri Lanka for Miss Universe. Yes, after months of preparation and intense practice, the grand show unfolds at the Ballroom of the Colombo Hilton. Last Sunday, it was a dress rehearsal of sorts when [...]

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