Sand dunes of Deduru a mounting problem


The formation of sand dunes with the onset of the off-season at the mouth of the Deduru Oya in Chilaw has been causing problems to fishermen in the area.

Around 3,000 fishing boats operate in the area

Among the problems they face has been that of launching their boats as well as guiding them through the dunes.
Instances of fishermen losing their lives while attempting to guide their boats through the dunes have been recorded.

Around 3,000 fishing boats and 50 trawlers operating in the area are affected by the problem which often leads to boat engines being damaged.
An attempt to tackle this problem by laying concrete cylinders was made by former Fisheries Minister S.D.R. Jayaratne in 1975, but changes in government brought the attempt to an abrupt halt.

The present Minister -Rajith Senaratne- made a promise to complete the project by 2011. Unfortunately it remains a hollow promise Chaminda Nikson Fernando a fisherman told the Sunday Times most families in the area depend on fishing for a living. “We find our income dwindling and are unable to make ends meet,” he said.He asked the authorities to urgently find a solution to the problem.

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