Esala Perahera closing ceremony in waste water, alleges former Diyawadana Nilame


Opposition Leader of the Kandy Municipal Council and former Sri Dalada Maligawa Diyawadana Nilame Neranjan Wijeyaratne said the water cutting ceremony of the Kandy Esala Perahera would be held in the dirty, murky waters flowing from the ‘Meda Ela’. He said the point at which the water cutting ceremony would be held is at the outlet of the ‘Meda Ela’, which flows into the Mahaweli Ganga.
He said that the ‘Meda Ela’ which was once taking the overflow from the Kandy Lake, is now polluted with all the drainage outlets flowing into it. “This is the water that flows into the ‘Meda Ela’ and it is this water which would be used to perform the water cutting ceremony,” Councillor Wijeyaratne said. In earlier years, the water cutting ceremony of the Four Devales, was held beyond the outlet of the ‘Meda Ela’, but now that location is silted. The Council should take action to give this historic event its due regard, he said.
According to inquiries made by the Sunday Times, the land just below Gannoruwa Bridge was a gift from former President J.R. Jayewardene to the late Mahanayake Ven. Sirimalwatte Ananda Thera for Buddha Sasana activities, but now it is allegedly being utilised for a private project.

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