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Thank you

I am writing to express my thanks to Funday Times and the Public Relations Department of Cinnamon Grand for giving me an opportunity to visit Cinnamon Grand’s Nuga Gama. I was thrilled to see the village in the city.
I greatly enjoyed the company of other children. I learnt how to save trees and to protect the

I enjoyed the group games which enriched our knowledge. I also specially thank for the presents I received on this day. I enjoyed the delicious meals which were offered at Nuga Gama.As it is indeed a rare opportunity I should be grateful to aunties and uncles of Funday Times and the PR Department of Cinnamon Grand. Thanks so much.

Harripriya Sivarathan, St. Bridget’s Convent

Nuga Gama Art Competition

I am very proud to say I won the third place in Nuga Gama Art Competition Under 12 years category.
The prize giving was held at Nuga Gama. The chief guest was Mrs. Sybil Wettasinghe.
I have read more than 30 books of Mrs. Wettasinghe. My favourite book is ‘Magul Gedara Bath Natho’. It was a dream come true to take the award from Sybil Nanda and her speech was an encouragement for us.

After the award ceremony, Cinnamon Grand Hotel gave us a grand buffet. The food was
delicious too. I am writing this after coming home from the award ceremony. I am so happy and of course I am very proud about myself too.
I thank the Cinnamon Grand Hotel aunties and uncles who help us and especially the

Funday Times aunties and uncles and the Funday Times editor.Thank you very much for
encouraging us. Now I know I am a great artist. Thank you.

Thisura Perera, Defence Services College,Colombo 2

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