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Dancing in the air

Dancing in the air

Talented Club Members


Kids’ World

My ambition Almost all people, specially children have different ambitions. It is better to have an ambition so as you can achieve it. My ambition is to be a teacher. It is the noblest profession in the world. People who choose teaching as their profession are fortunate. After I become a teacher, I will teach [...]

Earth Watch

Solar System – Fascinating Facts


After 17 months in her mother’s womb, the orca calf comes into the world, tail first. When she grows up, she will become one of the most terrifying predators in the ocean, but for now the calf needs her mother desperately. The female orca gently helps the calf swim to the surface so she can [...]

The conspiracies that failed

The Portuguese did not retreat through fear of the revolt. They continued fighting and erected a fortress at Sitawaka. One party marched towards Kurunegala, continuing their attack. Another group of troops marched to Kandagamuwa and fought the rebels. Yet another set of troops marched towards Batugedara attacking the rebels as they marched. The Portuguese who [...]

To The Editor

Thank you I am writing to express my thanks to Funday Times and the Public Relations Department of Cinnamon Grand for giving me an opportunity to visit Cinnamon Grand’s Nuga Gama. I was thrilled to see the village in the city. I greatly enjoyed the company of other children. I learnt how to save trees [...]

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