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Start your Degree with pending O/Level results Options after O/Level examinations


Are you wondering what to do with your child’s future after the O/Level exams? Many options are available for students today. However many students don’t make the maximum from the opportunities and loose the advantage over their peers. Since education and career choices are affected by this decision, parents and other stakeholders must help students to make the best choice. It’s quite unfortunate to see that many don’t realize the seriousness of this decision, or make hasty decisions.

In fact A/Level is a two and a half years study stream that is there to select students for a Sri Lankan or a UK based university. Students who are after O/Levels are already done with the High school qualification, and hence are eligible to join any international university.

Advantage of Direct University entry
However, A/L will not guarantee entrance to your desired pathway of studies. It won’t give you a special advantage over students who have done O/L and joined the degree programme, either directly or through a Foundation programme. University Foundation programs are quite popular in Europe and in other countries. In developed countries students complete High school and directly join the degree program, hence completing it when they are 20 years of age. This will definitely give them a cutting edge advantage over their peers who have done A/Levels after O/L, and join the degree when they are almost 20, and graduate only when they are 24 or later. O/L students, however, will have done their Masters and have claimed the best career positions.

Other short term programmes
Its common practise to see students after O/Level joining short term programs (Diploma and Certificate Level) in English, Computing and other similar areas. This might fill the time gap between the O/Level examinations to A/Level class start but does not deliver any real academic value. Many institutes that deliver these courses do not provide a qualification acceptable to employers. In short parents and students end up spending large amounts of money and time on these short term qualifications without much value.

University admission
Increasing number of forward thinking parents consider direct university admission for their children after O/Levels. This is not a phenomenon only seen in Sri Lanka. Many international universities today accept students with O/Level qualifications into their university programs. This allows students to acquire the necessary skills and expertise demanded by the industry.

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