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Douglas Gunesekera Memorial Library inaugurated


Charumala Gunesekera, who is Douglas Gunesekera’s grand-daughter, presents her and other donations to Bandula Seneviratne, Trustee, Cinnamon Gardens Village Association. Dr Darin Gunesekera and Mr Suresh watch on.

The Douglas Gunesekera Memorial Library was inaugurated at the Cinnamon Garden Village recently.  The inaugural presentation of donated books, computers, etc was made by the principal donor, Charumala Gunesekera, grand-daughter of the late Mr. Douglas Gunesekera.  This library is a living resource for the cinnamon community.  It has been started with a children’s library, English classes and a theatre group.  Donations have also been made by Netcom Limited, Father Anand of Benares (India) and Wiros Lokh Institute (Dr.  Darin Gunesekera).  This Centre will help communities embarking on a revolutionary concept in cinnamon to work as a human rights social enterprise.  Mr. Bandula Seneviratne heads the cinnamon social business and hosts the Centre.
The cinnamon concept has achieved international recognition.The late Douglas Gunesekera was the first Secretary of the Asian Development Bank and Project Manager of its creation.
The ADB pioneers hoped the new institution would embody the human social values of the UN Declaration of Human Rights.

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