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Managing pavements and RDA priorities


These days the Road Development Authority (RDA) is involved with asphalt overlaying the Kadawatha–Ragama road) (B168). Even for a layman it would be easily understood, that existing the pavement does not warrant an overlay at this stage. If RDA feels that the B168 road warrants an overlay, then what is Director Planning, G. Bandara’s response to the severe status of pavement distresses along A1, A2, A3 etc and other B class links in the vicinity? Hopefully the RDA would be having sophisticated hi-tech tools for the optimum management of pavements of national roads network. If these so-called systems warrant that B513 needs an overlay at this stage, then something has gone seriously wrong somewhere.

Status of road after newly laid asphalt. (Top left)No sidewalk. (Top right) Asphalt peeling off.

Can Mr Bandara visually have a look at the status of existing pavements of B168 and the status of ongoing asphalting and respond back via this column to keep the general public informed of his judgment? Asphalt overlaying is a very expensive treatment; once done properly it will hold a life span at least 8-10 years, hence prior to commencing it is compulsory to make side ditches function effectively and areas to be widened are prepared with appropriate bases well in advance. Instead the asphalt has been laid without correcting the drainage issues and even without forming bases, it is been laid just over soils and vegetations. This has created additional and varying widths other than the standard number of lanes encouraging hazardous overtaking from left side and meanwhile purposely dragging the pedestrians to danger as they now supposed to negotiate over asphalted surfaces.

Tharaka Uduwithana

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