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Brand new edition of H.E. Chaminda Pusswedilla


The Thomian Society of Colombo brings on stage the much sought after Chaminda Pusswedilla drama- Thank You for Voting. Part three in the ‘World Peece Sumitt’ series will unfold a brand new chapter, at the Water’s Edge on Sunday, July 8 at 7.30 p.m.
Feroze Kamardeen’s renowned H.G.H.E. Pusswedilla has hitherto drawn packed houses at the Lionel Wendt Theatre.  Many were known to have gone away disappointed for the lack of tickets, but now there is an opportunity to buy tickets before they are all snapped up.

The Thomian Society of Colombo has organised a delectable sit down dinner preceded by a standing ovation for H.E. Chaminda Pusswedilla who, in the theatre, has decided to organise a fresh World Peece Sumitt on the strength of the hugely ‘successful’ sumitt he organised a few months ago.

His Secretary, the long-suffering Cyril Nitharamasuffering, however, has already scheduled many other meetings for H.E.  The opposition leader comes to see the President with a litany of woes; the Minister in charge of school books, school bags and school buses has had yet another brilliant idea which threatens to bring the entire school system to a grinding halt; the minister in charge of hens, chickens and eggs cannot control the spiralling cost and worse, the head of the Arsikland Central Bank has no clue as to what is happening with the economy or the stock exchange.

Added to this list, the British PM wants Arsikland to be more tolerant of homosexuals; the Iranian President’s vocabulary is stifled and Hon. Ajith Luvdaasa from the main opposition party attempts to threaten H.E. Pusswedilla.   There is much more that cannot be revealed in print as it has to be encountered firsthand!

Every dinner table will have chocolates, cheese, biscuits, bites and drinks. There will be a reserved table for every ten tickets purchased.. Contact Anusha on 2574083.Proceeds will go to provide scholarships for bright and needy students.

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