US GSP to continue


Sri Lanka would continue to enjoy the US Generalised System of Preferences (GSP) concession without any change in trade benefits, due to the significant steps taken by the Sri Lanka government to improve its workers’ rights environment, United States Trade Representative Ron Kirk said.

The action follows an interagency review of a petition filed by the AFL-CIO in 2008, alleging shortcomings in Sri Lanka’s recognition of workers’ rights.

“The closure of the GSP country practice review of Sri Lanka was based on the Sri Lanka government’s noteworthy efforts to address workers’ rights issues over the last few years,” Ambassador Kirk was quoted in a press release by the US Embassy.
He said this demonstrates that GSP remains an effective tool for engaging GSP beneficiary countries on workers’ rights.
The US Embassy in Colombo said that the US and the Sri Lanka government will continue to engage on workers’ rights issues in the newly Established Labor Affairs Committee of the United States-Sri Lanka Trade and Investment Council.

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