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My village

By Keneesha Perera (7 years) Vihara Maha Devi B.V., Kiribathgoda

My village is Makola. It is near Kiribathgoda. It is a beautiful village. It has a lot of trees. It has many paddy fields. There are beautiful birds and animals. It has a school and a temple. The people are kind and helpful. We all live happily in our village. We love our village very much.

My pet dog

By Ian Perera (Grade 7) St. Anthony’s College, Kandy

My pet dog’s name is Shadow. We named him so, because he used to follow us everywhere when he was a pup. He is a German Shepherd. Shadow is black and tan.

My pet dog was given to me as a Christmas present. It was only five weeks old. He likes to drink water from the hose. He never lets us water the plants without drinking.

Sometimes he is jealous when we play cricket. He hides our ball if he gets it. Shadow hides even the
wickets when we go inside the house. But we never scold him. He really loves everyone of us.

My favourite TV programme

By George Priyashantha (Grade 7) Joseph Vaz College, Wennappuwa

Atapattama is the TV programme that I like most. We can get a lot of information through it. It is
conducted by Mr. Hasantha. It provides us enjoyment also. It helps us to know about the world.
It is telecast on ITN channel at about 7.30 p.m. It is a good programme for all of us.

Some people can show their skills through this programme. The things shown on it we can’t believe also. But they are real things.

It is the programme which scored the highest appreciation with people. I wish it was telecast every Wednesday. I love this programme very much.

The elders’ home

By Subodhi Weerasekara (Grade 4), Mahasen Central College, Bakamoona

It was last Poya day. We had a get together. We went to an elders’ home in Matale. When they saw us their eyes filled with tears. We gave them gifts. They were so kind. When we gave them gifts, they blessed us. I was so happy to hear those kind words.

Some elders could not even walk. They were helpless. I was sorry for them. I am happy I could help those elders.

My favourite fruit

By Anjana Leelaratne (9 years), Lyceum Int. School, Wattala

Have you seen the fruit durian? It is a seasonal fruit. It is brownish green in colour and has thorns on it. Many people do not like the fruit because it has an offensive smell, but the flesh is juicy and delicious. The fruit looks like a porcupine because it is round and thorny.

It bears in the tree. When the fruit drops from the tree, it is taken and sold to fruit sellers. When the fruit is well ripened they become brownish yellow in colour. Durian is a tropical fruit.

My family likes this fruit. My mother even makes durian cakes which we all enjoy. I like this fruit very much more than other fruits.

My hobby

By Nufdha Macky (9 years). Kalutara Muslim C.C.

My hobby is bird watching. It is an interesting hobby. There is a big garden next to my house and many birds and insects visit it. Some of the birds that come are sparrows, crows, pigeons and parrots. Butterflies and bees also come.

Most of the birds come here for food, water and shelter. Some of them even build their nests in our garden. As there is a small pond in the garden, lots of birds come to take a bath.

I like to hear the sound of the birds in the morning, while I am getting ready to go to school. Birds are very beautiful to watch and they make our garden and environment beautiful too.

My school

By Deepashika Tharangani (14 years), Sri Sumangala B.M.V., Panadura

My school is Sri Sumangala Balika Maha Vidyalaya. It is very beautiful. My school has a museum. It has so many old pictures. The first principal of my school was Mrs. Hilda Kularathna. She came from America. The fourth principal was Ms. Situge. My school has a band team, a cricket team, a volleyball team and a netball team. My class is 8D. My class teacher is Ms. Erandi. I do my best for my school. My school is situated in Panadura. I love my school very much.

A happy day

By Tharindu Thilakarathna (Grade 5), Sussex College, Kurunegala

I got up early in the morning,
At the hour of six o’clock.
I brushed my teeth,
And combed my hair.

I went to the garden,
And started working.
I watered the plants,
Also weeded the beds.

I looked at the flowers,
Then I went inside.
I looked outside from the window,
I saw a very beautiful garden.

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