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My mother

By Dulnath Karunarathne (Grade 3), Richmond College, Galle

My mother is very kind and gentle. She is a teacher. My mother is 40 years old. She is fair and slim.
She likes to eat ice-cream. She likes to drink tea.

She helps me to do my homework. I love her very much.

My cat

By K. Vibesheak, Hindu National College, Matale

I have a cat
Which is very fat
It chews hats
And it eats rats.

It’s brown in colour
Its body is soft like a flower
Everyday it grows heavier and heavier,
But I want it to be light like a feather.

I love my cat
Which is very fat.

My family

By Keneesha Perera (7 years), Vihara Maha Devi B.V., Kiribathgoda

There are four members in my family. They are my father, my mother, my brother and myself. We live in Makola. We live in our own house. We help each other. We live happily.


By Senya Tennekoon (Grade 4), Mahamaya Girls’ College, Kandy

Sigiriya is an ancient rock fortress. It was built by King Kashyapa. Foreign tourists who come to visit Sri Lanka never fail to visit Sigiriya. It is a place of historical value.

We have to climb along a flight of steps through a large carved lion. That’s why it is called ‘Sinha giri’ or ‘Sigiri’. Sigiriya is regarded as an earth wonder.

AC Aeronauts in flight.

By Pradeepa Ariyadasa (Grade 8), Ananda College

Ananda College Aeronautical Academy was established in 2005 with the patronage of the past principal Mr. B.A. Aberathne and the master in charge Mr. Duminda Jayasuriya.

To commemorate our 5th anniversary we organized a trip to Trincomalee by flight and return by train.

On August 13, 2010 members of our academy gathered at Bellanwila temple in the morning and were blessed. We proceeded to Ratmalana airport. After checking-in, we boarded the flight “Antonov 32-B”.

At 8.00 a.m it started flying. On the way to Trincomalee we could see tiny houses, lakes and paddy fields. To enable us to view Sigiriya rock and Kandalama lake, the kind pilot lowered the flight. After landing at Trincomalee airport we had a chat with the flight crew and took photos.

Then we went to see Kinniya bridge running through the “Koddiyar” bay. After, we went to see Koneshwaram kovil and Gokanna temple, we came to our rest house. The following morning we visited Kanniya hot springs, Welgamwehera temple, Nilaveli beach and Pigeon Island. In the evening we came back to Colombo by train.

My loving parents

By Ashfa Rasmy (Grade 3), Greenwood College International, Matale

My father is Mr. Rasmy and my mother is Sabrina. They are dear to me. My father works in a shop. When he comes home for the weekend, he brings me fruits, sweets and biscuits.

He buys me whatever I want. My mother is a housewife. My mother makes tasty food. She washes my clothes and keeps the house neat and tidy. They both care for me a lot. When I am sick they are very sad and give me medicine and try to make me well soon.

They guide me and teach me good habits. They give me the happiness in life. They expect me to be a useful person in future. My parents are precious. I am thankful and ever grateful to them for the love and care given to me.

May Allah give them good health and long life.

Trip to Colombo harbour

By Kavindi Ransinghe (13 years), Kegalle Balika Vidyalaya

Last weekend we went to see Colombo harbour. That chance we got from my grandfather. He is an engineer of a ship. Many people came to see Colombo harbour. This is my second visit to Colombo harbour. I went there with my family and my relations.

After we visited Colombo harbour we got a chance to ride on the ship. That experience was fabulous. My grandfather took us to see the engine rooms, bedrooms etc., in the ship.

At the harbour I saw 263 feet long ships which transport goods containers. Anyway, thanks to my grandfather for giving us such an amazing chance.

My father

By Dinusha Amuwala (8 years), Taxila Primary College, Horana

My father’s name is Deepal Amuwala. He is 41 years old. He is working at Coats Thread Exports. My father is a quality manager. He is very good.

He has three sisters and one brother. His home town is Horana. He plays badminton. My father buys me toys. I love my dad.

My mother

By Danielle Perera (11 years), Stafford Int. School

My mother is a sweetheart
She really is a doll
I really, really love her
And she’s so kind to all

When I ask her if she loves me
She gives me a little wink
She says, “Of course you know that angel,
I mean what do you think?”

She call me her ‘Pumpkin’
And her little ‘Boo’
I love it when she does that
I do, I do, I do.

Her only thoughts are to
protect me
And I say with pride
My mother’s the best one in the world
And I’m so glad she’s mine

The parrot

By Afzal Amsudeen (12 years), Aba beel Int. College

A parrot is a colourful bird with red, green, blue or yellow feathers. The parrot lives in a nest. They eat fruits, seeds, nuts and berries. The parrot is a domestic bird. It lives in warm places. It has nice

The parrot can fly. They are popular pets as they can be easily tamed and taught to talk. It has long nails. It has a nice necklace around its neck. Parrots have two toes that point backward. It has a red and curved beak.

They are cheerful birds and sing beautifully. Parrots are birds that can be seen everywhere around us. Their song makes a tinkling sound. They are lovable pets.

My loving father

By Ayshamariam Ifhaam (Grade 2), Belvoir College International

My darling father’s name is A. C. M. Ifhaam. My father is 42 years and he is tall and fair. He is a Chartered Accountant and a Lawyer. He is the CEO of his company ACMI Group.

My loving father is very special to me because he is very, very kind and loving. My father buys me lots of nice things. He takes his family on lovely trips too. My father’s favourite food is manni-pittu. My father enjoys reading and caring for others.

I pray to God to bless my loving father with good health and happiness always. I love my darling father very, very much and he loves us too.

If I had a robot

By Mithila Ranaweera (Grade 8), Nalanda College

If I had a life-size robot, it would be so cool. I would have a remote control to control him. I don’t like robots made by other people, I would prefer a robot made by me. My robot should be a R/A (Robot Adaptor) multi unit. It means that it can copy any move that another robot does but ten times better.

I will make the robot work only for my voice. It must have a titanium body, two laser eyes and his hands should have tools to cook such as spatula, knives and forks. He should have an adjustable broom in his hand. He should be capable of talking.

The robot must be playful. His laser eyes should cut anything into half. It must be able to transform into things like a scooter, bike, or a robot dog. My robot must be water-proof. He should have a brain to think. He must cook meals, wash my clothes, go shopping, bathe my dog and take him for a walk.

If someone attacks me, my robot should have the equipment to settle the matter. If it is a small fight the robot should scare the attacker. Even if the burglar fired his gun due to the titanium body the bullet won’t
penetrate the robot’s body. I hope I can have a robot like that.

My best friend

By Pradeep Lakmal (12 years), St. Peter’s College, Colombo

My best friend is Anil Pandithakoralege. He is studing at St. Peter’s College. He is in Grade Four. He lives in Navinna. He has two sisters. His hobby is stamp collecting. He has a library at home. He has five fish tanks and a lot of fish too.

He is very smart. He comes to school in a cab. He likes to play cricket and badminton. His favourite food is pizza. His favourite subject is English. He is a member of the Funday Times Club. He won the Tomahawk Quiz No. 46 and got a bicycle.

I am lucky to have a good friend like him. His favourite cartoon is Spiderman. I love him very much. He loves me too.

A holiday in Australia

By Dayan Samarasinghe (8 years), S. Thomas’ College, Mt. Lavinia

I went to Australia with my mother and father on the 15th of April. I stayed with my cousin brother, in Melbourne. We stayed for two weeks in Australia.

We went to see the penguins in Philip Island. We went to see the kangaroos in a park. We visited many themes parks in Gold Coast in Brisbane. We visited many places in Sydney too. We visited a rainforest in Brisbane. We went to many places in Melbourne city.

I spent two days in my cousin’s school in Australia. We went in seven planes, two trains and a ferry during our stay in Australia. We visited many friends and relations in Australia. I will never forget our holiday in Australia.

My hobby

By Thihansa Ranaweera (Grade 4), Musaeus College

My hobby is drawing pictures. I love to draw because it’s fun. I send my drawings to the Funday Times and they have been in the Funday Times newspaper.

I have three certificates for drawing. In my drawings I draw nice sceneries. I paste my drawings in my room. I am the only one who can draw in my family and my mother is very proud of me. I love my drawings very much.

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