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Television and children
By Senali Dias (Grade 7) Our Lady of Victories Convent, Moratuwa

There are several sources of getting information in the world today, like television, radio, internet, newspapers, emails. Out of all these sources television is regarded as the most powerful medium. We learn about the latest happenings of the world through the T.V. The world is changing day by day.

There are various programmes for children. educational programmes, cartoons, environment, are some of them. They are interesting, but some programmes are not suitable for children. Adult shows and certain advertisements are harmful for children.

The child watches T.V. not with the intention of learning something, but to watch a famous performance or to enjoy an exiting story. Children should not watch T.V. always. It is not a good habit. Children should understand to watch educational, cartoons and other useful programmes. It is very good habit for children.

The Five Precepts

By Januda Perera (Grade 1), Gateway College

1. I will not kill or harm any living beings.
2. I will not take anything that does not belong to me.
3. I will behave well and be obedient.
4. I will not tell lies.
5. I will not take any alcohol.

My house

By Ravindu Pathiraja (6 years), Sri Wijerama M.V.

My house is still building. We live in the first floor. Our house has three floors. There is one more for the tank. I like my house.


By Sulanya Kekulawala (Grade 2), Lyceum International School

My name is Sulanya Kekulawala. I am six plus. I am studying at Lyceum International School and I am in Grade Two. My favourite subjects are Human Values and English. Also I like Swimming and Ballet.
My hobby is drawing and colouring.

My favourite colours are pink and purple. I like to eat fries and chicken. I have a small sister. Her name is Dulanga. She is cute and playful. I love her so much. My father's name is Pradeepa and my mother's name is Suranji. I love them so much. Some day I like to be a teacher.

My trip to Laxapana Estate

By Dhinara Abayasekara (Grade 5), Ladies College

We went to Laxapana Estate in Maskeliya during our April holidays. We travelled for five hours and arrived at the bungalow. It had a large garden with beautiful flowers. From there we travelled to many places. We saw the Laxapana waterfall from a distance. It was very picturesque.

The 'appus' in the bungalow cooked us delicious meals. My sister and I ate too much 'cheena pera' and got sick. But we enjoyed the trip very much.

My teacher

By Savindu Edirisinghe (6 years) S. Thomas' College, Mt. Lavinia

I go to S. Thomas' College, Mt. Lavinia. I am in the K.G. (A) class. My teacher is Nirosha Vithanage. She is very kind and good. I like my teacher a lot.

A pencil speaks

By Oshadha Balasuriya (Grade 4), D. S. Senanayake Vidyalaya

I am a pencil. I am black and grey in colour. I am made of wood and lead. My body is long and pointed. My master treats me very badly. He sharpens me too often and I will soon be very short. So I am very sad.

A rainy day

By Mithila Ranaweera (Grade 8), Nalanda College

It started with a drizzle. Then it started to get heavier. Minute by minute rain started to pour very strongly. The trees started to shake like old newspaper. Lightning sparkled through the rainy clouds. Thunder roared like a lion. People, who were coming home from office, came running, keeping their bags on their heads. The river bund was almost near to overflow.

After about one hour, the rain started to slow down. Then the real fun began. All the children in the neighbourhood jumped out of their houses without their mothers knowing. Some had paper boats, some had rain coats, some wore boots.

They all splashed on puddles. Then we had a paper boat competition. We played catch, football, rugger, cricket and even water fighting.

After a few hours our parents came to know we were missing. My friend told me to go to the shop and buy a ball. When I went to the shop I saw our parents were searching for us. I told my friends our
parents were coming. They didn't believe me so I ran home.

The next day I came to know that when I left, their parents came and gave them a good spanking because of leaving the house without telling them. I am lucky because my parents were out.

My mother

By Thakshila Ellawala (Grade 3), St. Bridget's Convent

My mother's name is Anoja. She likes to eat fruits and likes to drink tea. She has long hair. She is very fair. She has a small garden. She helps me to do my homework. She is a teacher. She loves me so much. I love her too.

My sister

By Sandin Jayasekera (6 years), Ananda College

My sister's name is Nethukee. She is two years old. She is fair and nice. My sister is good and playful. She likes to drink milk very much. She helps me sometimes. Her cheeks are pink. I love my sister very much.

The Olympic Games

By Stephen Raj (Grade 5), St. Anthony's Boys' Maha Vidyalayam

The Olympic Games are a multi-sport competition held every four years. The Olympic Games started in ancient Greece in 776 BC. They were held in Athens.

In the ancient Olympic Games there were only a few sporting events and only men could take part in them.

The first modern Olympic Games were held in Athens in 1896. There are a lot of sporting events in the modern Olympic Games and both men and women can take part in them.


By Kalendra Abeysinghe (Grade 3), St. Benedict's College, Kandy

Vesak is an important Poya for all Buddhists. Everyone will be involved in religious activities. Most of them will observe sil and others will go to temple taking joss sticks, wicks, oil, flowers and oil lamps.

This day was the Birth of Prince Siddhartha. He walked on seven lotus flowers. Enlightenment and Passing Away of Lord Buddha too took place on Vesak full moon poya day. On Vesak Poya day, the Buddhist people hang the Buddhist flag which contains six colours. They are blue, yellow, red, white, orange and a mixture of colours.

On Vesak full moon day there will be Vesak dansal in every area. During the night, people will decorate the houses with Vesak lanterns, light bulbs and buckets. Various kinds of Vesak lanterns will be made.

Most respect will be given to Lord Buddha on Vesak day. This year Vesak falls on the 27th and 28th of May. Let's celebrate Vesak peacefully this year.

Inky and Pinky

By Devna Demini (Grade 4), Adventist International School, Negombo

We have two pet rabbits. Their names are Inky and Pinky. Inky is my brother's pet and Pinky is mine. They are pure white, they have long ears, their eyes are like red cherries. We got these two pets as a present.

Inky and Pinky like to eat kankun, rice, bread and biscuits. We never forget to share our chocolates with Inky and Pinky. During my mother's absence, my brother and I share our beds with Inky and Pinky.
Pinky is a female rabbit. I am sure that one day she will give me kids. I am anxiously waiting to see Pinky's kids.

Inky is a little bit mischievous. It bites our telephone wires. Sometimes I get angry, but how can I hit my dearest Inky? When they feel warm and tired, they come inside our house and rest. We never chase them. They are also like our family members.

My brother and I are so lucky to have two innocent pets like Inky and Pinky.

My favourite cricketer

By Mohamed Shalim (Grade 4), Trinity College, Kandy

The Sri Lankan cricket captain who is also a Trinitian is my favourite cricketer. I like this
wonderful cricketer, who is a stylish batsman. He has some top class shots, which has helped the team to win many matches.

Sanga is also a superb wicket-keeper who stumps the ball at lightning speed. It is a joy to see him in action. I am proud of my school, as Sanga is a product of Trinity. I hope Sanga will have more and more
success in cricket and his life.

Evening by the sea

By Ilmee Medani (Grade 4), Oxford International College, Badulla

Father, mother, my sister and I went to the beach one evening. We saw the sun leaving us in the evening. When the sunlight was to fade, the environment was filled with orange, yellow colour and it was
beautiful. When the sun set down it's like the sea was swallowing the sun. I will never forget that nice journey.


By Tharushika Madiwaka (9 years), Swarnamali B.V., Kandy

The dog is a part of the wolf family. Dogs are of two kinds – wild ones and pets. A dog is very
intelligent, its intelligence varying, depending upon its breed.

A dog is usually used to guard the house. The police use dogs to help them in their work. Dogs are also used to guide blind people and for herding sheep. Dogs help the hunters when they go hunting. In other countries dogs help to bring parcels and letters. They go marketing with their masters. So I think dogs are very faithful and helpful animals.

From our overseas readers

My great grandmother

By Nethaka Amarakoon Ashmore State School, Australia

My grandmother is a bit old,
But she is bold.
She has silver hair,
She is not very fair.
She tells short stories,
I like to hear them,
They are full of fun.
She knows I like fun.
We played games,
Here are the names,
Ludo, Snakes and Ladders, Lego.
Evenings we go and sit in our garden,
To feed the pretty birds and monkeys that come.
I love my dear grandmother and she loves me too.

The Second World War and Japan

By Ranaba Godakumbura (13 years), Yamato Junior High School, Japan

The Second World War took place in 1939 ~1945. It was a very disastrous war that many countries experienced. The war began because of the cruelty of Adolf Hitler, the leader of Germany. Japan got involved with the war by going in Hitler's path of cruelty and invading Asia which left thousands of innocent people dead.

At that time the Japanese emperor was Hirohito. It is said that, he cared for his people and wanted to see the end of the war. But the war went on because of the thoughts of the military leaders in Japan.

The American army attacked Japan, and by April, 1945 the American military lost 899,000 people and the Japanese military lost 1.1 million. Since the death of President Franklin Roosevelt,
the President of USA was notified as Harry Truman.

At that time the Manhattan project was complete (the project of making the two atomic bombs).
So it was notified that the two bombs ( Fat Man, Little Boy) should be used against Japan in 1945. The bomb was a deadly weapon which killed many people.

After the two atomic bomb attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945 Japan surrendered unconditionally which marked the end of the Second World War.

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