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Visit to Jaffna
By Mahira Kitchil (Grade 2), Ilma International, Girls' School

At last the day dawned. We were on a visit to Jaffna. We packed our bags and got into the car. Then we started our journey. When we passed nice places, we thought how many beautiful places there are in our country. We saw some beautiful paddy-fields, rivers and beautiful gardens.

First we reached Anuradhapura. We booked a hotel there. We went to a wewa and had a bath. The wewa water was hot. In the evening we went to visit historical places in Anuradhapura. They are: Kuttam Pokuna, Sandakada pahana, Muragala, Abeyagiriya, Ruwanweliseya and Thuparamaya.

Next day, early in the morning we started our journey to Jaffna. We passed Killinochchi, Vavuniya and Elephant Pass and got to Jaffna around late noon. In the evening we visited Jaffna Fort and Jaffna Library.

The next day we went to an island called Nagadeepa. We went to the island on a boat. We had a bath at the sandy beach. Then we had our lunch.

In the evening, we visited Point Pedro. It is a beautiful place to visit because it has beautiful beaches. We visited the Lighthouse. Then we visited the place which is the farthest point of our country. There is a concrete board and the Sri Lankan Flag is painted on it. The length of our country is also written on it from Point Pedro to Dondra, as 432km.

The next day we visited Nallur Kovil and headed back home. It was 9.30pm when we reached our home. It was one of the very enjoyable trips I ever had.

My country

By Maryam Nazeer (10 years), Colombo

My country is Sri Lanka. It is an island in the Indian Ocean. It is called the 'Pearl of the Indian Ocean.' The
population is about 19 - 20 million. Its capital is Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte. Its commercial
capital is Colombo.

My country has many races and they are Sinhalese, Malay, Muslims, Tamils and Burghers. The majority is Sinhalese. My country is very beautiful. There are many mountains and waterfalls. Piduruthalagala is the tallest mountain.

Mahaweli is the longest river with a length of 330km. Sinharaja is the largest forest.
Our chief exports are tea, rubber, coconuts and garments. Sri Lanka is world famous for rubies, blue sapphires and cats-eyes.

My country is a democratic country. It has a parliamentary system of government. An elected president is the head of the country. I love my country very much.

My eldest brother

By Ahamed Ahzin (10 years), Amal International School

My eldest brother's name is Ahamed Mahzin. He is 17 years old. He is good. He is tall and fair. He likes to eat pasta. His favourite fruits are oranges and apples. His favourite vegetables are carrots. He likes to play cricket. His hobbies are using the computer and watching TV. He can swim very well. He helps me and my family very much. He likes me very much and I love him a lot.

My school

By Ravindu Pathiraja (Grade 2), Sri Wijerama Maha Vidyalaya, Udahamulla

My school is in Udahamulla. I am in Grade Two. My teacher's name is Daya Kumari teacher. I think in the future I will go to Royal College, Colombo 7.

Our trip to Hambanthota

By Senuri Dabarera (10 years), St. Lawrence's Convent, Wellawatte

On March 27 in the evening, we left home with our parents, grandparents and cousins to Hambanthota. It was a long journey and we were in Hambanthota by 12 noon. Our uncle had booked a rest-house to
stay in.

Next morning we had a thought to go and visit the Hambanthota harbour. We saw peacocks, mills, farms and houses built for people displaced by the tsunami etc.

The next morning we went to the Katharagama Temple where we saw statues of Hindu and Buddhist Gods. After that we had our lunch at a Pol Athu Kade. We went back to our rest-house in the evening and had out tea.

In the night we went to the Peacock Beach Hotel and had our dinner. It was a satisfying meal. In the morning we started our trip back home. We visited the Matara Church which was damaged due to the tsunami.

Our visit to the Madol Duwa was adventurous. After we reached Galle, we had a wonderful lunch. While going home me and my cousins sang wonderful songs so that we wouldn't get bored. Our three day trip to Hambanthota was a memorable one. I hope to visit another beautiful place like Hambanthota again.


By Binadi Almeida (Grade 2), Lindsay Girls' School, Colombo 3

My name is Binadi. I am seven years old. I live in Pannipitiya. I am in Grade 2. I have short, curly hair. My favourite subject is Sinhala. My favourite hobby is reading. My best friend is Upani. I have a pet dog.

My pet cat

By Khadeejah Reza (5 years), S. Seylan School

My pet is a cat. His name is Pussy. He meows. My cat is gold and white. He likes to eat fish. He likes to drink milk. My cat likes to go for a walk. My cat likes to play with a ball. I love my cat.

My father

By Khaalisha Ilham (8 years), Bishop's College

My father's name is Ilham Sanoon. My father is 36 years old. My father has a Mercedes Benz. His birthday is on the 8th of December.

My father's company is Digital House Pvt Ltd. He has a Blackberry phone. My father is tall and medium size. He loves animals like my big sister. My father loves his car so much. My father loves the
family. We are living happily. I love my father so much.

Good manners make us good citizens

By Udaya Shashipriya (14 years), St. Joseph's College

From our young days we must know good manners. Without good manners we cannot lead a good life in society. No one will like a person who doesn't know good manners. Everyone speaks good and
appreciates people who are well-mannered.

We learn good manners first from our parents and then after that from our teachers at schools. We should always respect and obey our elders. We must always be polite and help the poor and weak
whenever we meet them.

If we see an old person unable to cross the zebra crossing, we should help him to cross the road. Then he will be happy for helping him and will be grateful to you. If we see an old person in a bus, standing without a seat, we should stand up and give him our seat.

The people looking at you will also know that you know good manners and will admire you. A person who does not have good manners is not regarded in society. So, if we practice good manners, we can make our future successful and be useful to society.

Read during leisure

By Ashfa Rasmy (Grade 3), Greenwood College International, Matale

Hi friends! Wake up and make books your friends. Don't waste your time watching TV. Read during your leisure. By reading you can develop your knowledge and improve your writing and speaking skills.

Hurry! Be a member of a library and select good books, that will interest you. By reading we can improve our grammar and spelling.

My hobby is also reading. Books are my friends. We can do our exam well if we can read and understand. If we read books and newspapers we can write stories, articles and poems to the Funday Times.

So it is not too late to start to read. Wish you all the best.

My father

By Dilini Dimanthika (5 years), Colombo International School, Kandy

My father's name is Dayan. He is forty years old. He is young. My father's hair is short. He works in Italy. My father is good.

My family is my life

By Fathima Iffath (Grade 8), Kalutara B.N.S.

' Father and mother I love you' is the meaning of family. Every human being in the world has a family, because anybody can't live without a family. Family is very useful to us. We can learn so many things from the family.

In a family we can see family members love each other. They finish their work by sharing. When we are in sad or happy situations, family members help us. They bring happiness to our life. So I love my family members very much, because they are part of my life.

My pet

By Danushika Amarakoon (Grade 5), Sussex College, Negombo

My pet is a dog. Its name is Buma. It is black in colour with few white and yellow spots. It plays with me.
It likes to drink milk and eat chicken. It likes to play with a ball.

We bath him twice a week, but he doesn't like to bathe. He usually sleeps most of the time. If he sees a cat or a squirrel he runs fast and tries to catch it. I love my dog very much and it loves me too.

My wonderful trip to Maldives

By Kirul Vithanage (Grade 4), Sussex College, Galle

On April 11 we went to Maldives. We travelled for two hours by plane. We arrived at Male International Airport. The airport is situated in Hulhule islands. From there we went to Male by boat.

In the island of Male there were no buses. Mostly the people travel in taxies. In the Maldives there are more than 1200 islands. Then we visited Villingili island and Hulumale island also. We visited the National Museum, Sultan Park, president's palace, artificial sea and president's office in Male.

Next day we went on the whale submarine in Maldives. It was a one hour journey. We saw corals, starfish, eels and very beautiful things.

We went 40 metres under the water. We went to the local market. There we met a man who can speak Sinhala. He was a Bangladeshi named Ahmed. He sells dried fish and Maldive fish.

After staying for five days we came back to Sri Lanka by Maldivian Airlines. I enjoyed the trip well.

My favourite game

By Afra Nufeer (11 years), Benhill College, Gampola

I like so many games. But tennis is my favourite game. It is so exciting to watch. Unfortunately here, very rarely we get a chance to watch tennis games. My favourite tennis players are Steffi Graf and Pete Sampras.

I never miss the tennis matches where my favourites play. Actually, I have never attended a single
tennis match. Only on TV, I have watched all these tennis matches.

I'm so crazy to join a tennis club which is very popular in the city. I would like to be a great tennis player and play for my village, also, finally for my little island Sri Lanka.

My self

By Madawa Jayasundara (Grade 4), Dikkapitiya Vidyalaya

My name is Madawa. I'm eight years old. I live in Dikkapitiya. I'm in Grade Four. My school is Dikkapitiya Vidyalaya. I like apples. I don't like pineapples. My best friend is Anuradha. I am a good boy.

I am a kite

By Tharushi Madiwaka (9 years), Swarnamali B.V., Kandy

I am flying
Over the mountains, rivers,
Over the daffodils, dahlias, carnations,
What a pretty world,
I can see now.
I am colourful.
I say good bye to
my friends with my streamers,
My body is made of
bamboos, tissues,
Oh what a decoration,
My little boy made me,
I hear the children say,
I am very beautiful.
Then I feel proud
What am I?


By Fathima Amnaa (Grade 2) Alif International School, Dharga Town

Flowers are very nice. There are lots of flowers. Flowers smell sweet. Butterflies fly around to collect nectar.

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