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My school
By Harshini Ranasinghe (Form 1), Stafford International School

I study at Stafford International School situated at Guilford Crescent, Colombo 7. Our school was founded by Mr. Felix De Zoysa, 50 years ago. The present principal is Mrs. Sunethra Taldena. Our retired Principal
Mrs. Noreen Welikala served Stafford for 50 long years. In our school we have 1,500 students and
approximately 100 teachers.

There are two main buildings at Stafford. One for the primary section and the other houses the middle and upper school. The classrooms are spacious and airy, thus providing an ideal environment for the students to concentrate on their studies.

There are fully equipped Science laboratories for children to carry out experiments and there is also a large auditorium where assembly is held. The auditorium is also used for stage plays and debating activities.

We have a small play area used by all the children to do physical exercises and also to play netball and basketball. Athletics, cricket and football are played in nearby grounds and swimming at a nearby pool.

We have our annual sports meet, swimming meet, prize giving, Avurudu celebrations and other important religious functions during the school year.

I enjoy going to my school, "Waving the flag of blue and silver, Stafford then and now and ever strive, we towards the light." I am proud to be a student of Stafford International School.

Christmas celebrations

By Roshani Kannangara (Grade 9), Convent of Our Lady of Victories, Moratuwa

December 25 is a special day for all Christians around the world. It is the day that our saviour Jesus Christ was born bringing joy and happiness to the world. He was sent by Almighty God to redeem the world.

During this season, every Christian house is complete with a Christmas tree and a crib decorated by the whole family. Christmas cake is an unforgettable item made in the kitchen and other Christmas food depends on the culture of the country.

Holy mass is an essential service that takes place at church. Visiting loved ones and exchanging gifts, singing carols are things that we do for Christmas. Sharing and caring for others is very important during this season.

Christmas is always very colourful. We should try and share the best we have with the poor and also treat them like the Holy Family treated the whole world. This year let's try and make Christmas more meaningful, especially praying for lasting peace and harmony.

My trip to Egypt

By Aasif Aqthar (9 years), Amal International School

It was on the 2nd of April, my family and I left Sri Lanka on Saudi Airlines to Egypt. It took us eight hours to reach our destination. On our arrival we were warmly welcomed by my father's friend. Later we checked into a hotel in Cairo, the capital city of Egypt.

The following day we were introduced to an English-speaking guide who was with us during our tour of Egypt. We began our sight-seeing the next morning. First we were taken to see the Pyramid of Giza.

It was one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Our guide explained about it to us. Afterwards we visited many temples built by the Pharoahs or kings to worship their Gods. They were really beautiful.

Next we boarded a ship to sail on the Nile River. It is the longest river in the world. We sailed down the Nile for three days. Once our cruise was over we got onto a train and came back to Cairo.

We also visited the Egyptian Museum. In the museum we saw things used by the kings and queens of Egypt and we also saw mummies. A lot of people visit Egypt every year to see these beautiful places.
The Egyptians are very proud of their country. I enjoyed my trip very much. I hope I get to visit Egypt again.


By Anil Pandithakoralege (Grade 4), St. Peter's College, Colombo 4

Trees are a special present from Mother Nature to mankind. We can see trees in the villages and the jungles. They give us food, medicine, wood, flowers and shade. They stop soil erosion.

The parts of the tree are the roots, trunk, flowers, branches and leaves. Trees are not only for man but also for animals, birds and insects. Birds make their nests on trees.

It only takes a few minutes to cut a tree but it takes years to grow a tree. From the cradle of a baby, to the coffin of a man, we need trees. We must grow trees and protect them.


By Amri Munthasir (Grade 2), Hijaaz International School

My name is Amri. I am six years old. I go to Hijaaz International School. I go to school by van. I have a brother and sister. I like to eat ice-cream. I like to play with my bicycle. My favourite colour is green.

My garden

By Sheik Abdul Hadi (Grade 1), Harrow International College

My garden is very big. There is a bench in my garden. I sit in the garden. I play with my sister in my garden. The birds, butterflies and little insects come to my garden.

There are beautiful flowers and trees. Everyone likes my garden. We take vegetables and fruits from my garden. I like my garden very much.

I am a carrot

By Radeyah Arshad (Grade 2), Belvoir College International

I am a carrot and people cook me as a vegetable and eat me. Most people eat me with rice. Some people eat me boiled and some eat me raw. Even rabbits eat me for their meals. I am a root vegetable and I am a very healthy vegetable.

My mother

By Navindu Fernando (7 years), S. Thomas' Preparatory School, Colombo 3

My mother's name is Suranmali. She is thirty eight years old. She is a teacher. She likes to eat cake. She has short hair. Her hobby is reading books. She can cook very well. She knows French. I love my mother.

How I keep my class beautiful

By Chamodi Tharukshika (11 years), Sanghamitta Girls' College, Galle

I sweep my classroom on my sweeping day and clean my classroom. When I am sweeping the classroom I arrange the tables properly. When I read the books in the reading corner, I keep the books in the proper place.

I hang pictures and posters on the walls. I think we have to keep the class clean and tidy. I love my class so much… I ask my friends also to keep the classroom neat and tidy.


By Jayani Senathilake (14 years), Sumana B.V., Ratnapura

Nobody can live alone in this world. We all need someone who can share our happiness, sadness and everything; a friend. Friendship is a noble thing. It is a bond of trust and honesty. Good friends are rare in the world.

We should be very lucky to have good friends. We should never break the trust between us and our friends. No trust; no friendship. Friendship is a combination of trust, honesty, love, kindness, patience and happiness.

A real friendship consists of all these things. We should never betray friendship. It would be one of the worst things we could do. A real friendship lasts forever. So dear friends, try to be a real friend to everyone.

My flower garden

By Venuri Nawagamuwa (Grade 2), Kandy Girls' High School

I have a flower garden. It is very beautiful. There are many beautiful flowers in my garden. Bouganvilleas, Kudalu, Shoeflowers, Idda are some of the flowers. My mother and I water the flowers everyday. I love my flower garden.

My favourite game

By Sivalingam Jenisten (Grade 6), Vision International School, Kandy

Cricket is my favourite game. Cricket was born in England a hundred years ago. Today cricket is played in many countries.

There are two kinds of cricket. They are One-Day Internationals and five-day Test Matches. England, Australia, India, Pakistan, South Africa, West Indies, New Zealand, Zimbabwe, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, play test cricket. Sri Lankans were one-day champions a few years ago. My favourite team is
Sri Lanka.

Cricket is a team game. There are 11 players in a team. The captain is the leader of the team. My favourite batsman is T.M. Dilshan. My favourite bowler is Lasith Malinga. My favourite all-rounder is Nuwan Kulasekara. My favourite skipper is Kumar Sangakkara. My favourite slipper is Mahela Jayawardena.
Cricket is famous in India as there are lots of fans in India. The moneyed board is the Indian Cricket Board.

They have introduced the Twenty-Twenty game, Asian Cup, IPL Cricket and Hong Kong Sixers. In Asia, the very strong teams are Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and India. The Hong Kong Sixers Cup was taken by South Africa. If we play cricket we can get much wealth. I love Sri Lankan cricket.

The book I like best

By Isiwara Herath (Grade 6), Sussex College, Polgolla

Among the books I have read so far my best book is Jane Eyre. The writer of that book is Charlotte Bronte.
The main characters are Jane Eyre and Mr. Rochester. This story is about a parentless child. After the death of her parents she lived with the Reed family.

But Mrs. Reed treated Jane like a servant. After that Mrs. Reed sent her to a charity school. Then she completed her education at Lowood School and became a teacher.

After that she applied for a vacancy and got a governess job at Thornfield House. She went there to teach a small girl called Adella.

In the end she married the owner of theThornfield house. My favourite character is Jane Eyre. I like this story because of the interesting incidents in this story.


By Damith (Grade 8), Sussex College, Kurunegala

A tornado is a violently rotating extension from a thunderstorm to the ground. Tornadoes occur in USA. This is mainly in the states east of the Rocky Mountains during the spring and
summer months.

The worst tornado ever, occurred in 1925. It travelled 300 km across three states of USA. More than 700 people were killed and 2700 were injured.

The most dangerous tornadoes have wind speeds of more than 400 km per hour. The damage can spread over one km to 80 km. Strong tornadoes can pick up cars, trains and houses and put them down in another place, even in the next town. As it's dangerous we must protect ourselves. We can protect ourselves from it by lying down.

My self

By Hansaka Fernando (Grade 1), St. Joseph's College

My name is Hansaka Fernando. I am six years old. I am in Grade One. My school is St. Joseph's College. I live in Kurana.

Beat of the ocean

By Dinali Wijayasooriya (13 years), Kekirawa Central School

Rolling, rolling,
leaping on the sand,
Taking happiness and
go back again.
Giants are scaring
small ones rude,
Thrilling our hearts
with her feelings.

Waves are murmuring
sweet music,
Who can tell the
rhythm of her song.
Seashells spread on
sand reminds design of
Seashell necklace that
shines in the town.

Bright sun bring us heat,
Sky and ocean catch their hands,
Wave their hands to a beat,
It's time to say to them good bye.

A visit to the Sacred Tooth Relic

By Subodhi Weerasekara (Grade 3), Mahasen Central College, Bakamoona

That day was Saturday. Dad woke me early in the morning. I asked,"Why did you wake me up early in the morning?" Dad said“ Today we are going to see the Sacred Tooth Relic.”

I was so happy I got ready and we started our journey. Then we reached Kandy at 8 o'clock. We went to the Dalada Maligawa. When I saw that I felt fantastic.

That time my sister was crying. I thank all the people who helped us but they gave only a bit of water. At last I saw the Sacred Tooth Relic. It was a happy ending but it was hard.

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