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By Cavin Ganarajah (Grade 5), Stafford International School

Reading is a way of passing the time
Novels, essays and poems that rhyme
Reading is a way of gaining brains,
You can read about robins, sparrows and even cranes.

Maths, Science, English and Social Studies,
Study these and the teacher and you will be buddies
Oliver Twist, Black Beauty and
Harry Potter,
Books like this can thrill you for hours.

Famous Five, comics and Secret Seven,
After reading these you'll think they are from heaven.
So drop the TV remote and go and look,
For something better; a book.

My concert

By Ravinthie Dharmapriya (Grade 2), Lyceum International School, Nugegoda

My concert was called the 'Happy Prince.' It was held on April 7 and 8, in our school Aeolian Hall. I took part in the Kahamiliya (Eastern) dance. Our welcome dance was the Pooja dance. The other items included in the concert were the Vadhi dance, Tikiriyas', Fly, Fly, Fly and the Angels' dance. Our parents and students enjoyed the day very much.

I ride my horse

By Shalina Saleem (Grade 3), Gateway College, Colombo

I feel the wind
I hear the birds
I ride my horse
As I sing the words

I see the grass
I feel the leather
I ride my horse
Upon the heather

I feel the joy
I taste the fun
I ride my horse
Into the yellow sun

My sister

By Vinujana Pathinayake (Grade 1), Royal Institute, Nugegoda

My sister's name is Anuki Pathinayake. She is ten years old. She has long hair. My sister studies at Musaeus College. She is in Grade 6A. Her hobby is reading books. She also likes to play with dolls. She can sing and dance well. My sister comes to play with me.

I love my sister very much.

The night

By Khanza Fairouze (6 years), Aba Beel International College

It's really dark when it's night
So, I hug my mother up tight,
With all my might,
Till the daylight.

A visit to the zoo

By Rachel Cooray (Grade 2), St. Bridget's Convent

I went to the zoo with my father on April 11. The first thing we saw is the ostriches. Then we saw colourful parrots and hens. Then we saw the owls.

There were horses. Their names were Tony and Handaya. As we walked along we saw the elephants. Their names were Devi, Indi, Kema and Jowa. Later we saw one lion sleeping and the other was walking in the cage.

My father and I ate sandwiches and drank fruit juice. We went to the aquarium and saw lots of fish. Later we saw baboons and monkeys. One monkey splashed water at us. Soon after we had seen all the animals, we went home. It was a nice day and I enjoyed it a lot.


By Abdul Ismail (6 years), Daybridge International School

My name is Abdul Rahman. I am six years old. I am in Grade Two. I go to Daybridge International School. I have one brother and one sister. My brother's name is Yousuf and my sister's name is Yemeena.

Trip to Kataragama

By Kalendra Abeysinghe (Grade 2), St. Benedict's College, Kandy

We went on a trip to Kataragama on March 14. We went in a van. Early on Saturday morning we got up and got dressed and started our journey.

On our way, we went to worship at Mahiyangana, then to the Maligavila, which was built by our past president Mr. Ranasinghe Premadasa.

Next we went to Selang Kataragama. During the night we went to Kirivehera. The next day we went to climb the Vedihitikanda. After that we started our trip back to Kandy. It was a nice journey.

My best friend

By Shamla Ilham (8 years), Benhill College, Gampola

My best friend is Adil. He is very tall. He is in Grade 4. His school is Kingswood College. He is nine years old.

His ambition is to be a teacher. His favourite food is submarine. His favourite subject is English.
He is very kind to everyone. My friend and I play teacher. I like him very much and he also likes me very much.


By Samidi Karunarathne (Grade 4), Mahamaya Girls' College, Kandy

Sometimes you may wonder why I like avocadoes. We have three avocado trees in our garden. During the season we pluck avocadoes and give them to our neighbours and relatives.

Sometimes there are fruits fallen on the ground. So every morning I go around the garden in search of avocado fruits. They are rich in fat and vitamins. Usually my mother serves me avocado with sugar. But I prefer to eat it with milk powder.

My garden

By Imadh Zamique (6 years), Colombo International School, Kandy

My garden is beautiful. In my garden there are fruit trees, vegetables and flowers. My grandmother waters the plants. My father works in the garden. I help my father.

A rainy day

By Vanessa Dominicous (12 years), Mary Immaculate Convent, Ja-Ela

It was a beautiful day,
All at once the sky roared.
Then the weather changed.
The sky turned dark.
The clouds became black.
First little drops of water fell down.
Lighting flashed,
thunder roared.
The sky opened,
Water started pouring.

My pet cat

By Keyshalee Tillekaratne (Grade 2), Buddhist College, Matara

My pet cat's name is Kani. My pet is a she cat. She is white, gold and black in colour. It likes to eat fish and chicken and likes to drink milk.

My pet cat is very playful. It never goes to other lands or houses. It stays in our compound. Whenever my father comes home Kani goes to him. Kani loves my father. My mother, brother and I too love our pet cat.


By Chamil Polkotuwa Nugawela Boys' College

Buses go on the road. They run very fast. They are driven by bus drivers. Buses go to the bus station. Buses get people into the bus at the bus stop. Some people travel on the foot board. Buses are useful

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