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"Frannie's First Test"
Last chapter:
Frannie makes friends with Jordan the Jellyfish. Frannie's first test is on Friday.

Frannie rode the bus home that day with her friends. They were all talking about the first test and how they planned to study for it. Frannie wasn't sure how to study for the test, but she was too embarrassed to ask her friends for help. She thought they would think she wasn't as smart as they were. Frannie listened to her friends' plans all the way home, and it only made her more anxious about the test.

Frannie swam inside her house and was headed up to her room when her parents stopped her in the hall.
"How was school today?" her mother asked.
"Fine," answered Frannie.

"Fine?" her father asked. "Is that all? Did anything happen with your friends?"

"Well," Frannie began, "I decided that Bonnie and I could be friends, and I sat next to her on the bus and at lunch, and now she's friends with all of my friends.""That's great!" her parents were happy for Frannie.

"And at lunch we met Jordan, he's a jellyfish that goes to my school. He's really nice, and now he's our friend, too.""Well, we're glad you're making friends Frannie, but why do you look so sad?" her mother asked.

"I've got a big test on Friday about Land stuff, and I'm nervous about studying for it." Frannie admitted.

"Well, we've taken many tests in our lifetimes," her father said.
"My advice to you is, don't wait until the last minute to study."
"And, we're here to help you, if you need it," her mother added.

"Thanks," said Frannie. "I'm going to look over some notes tonight, and I'll study more tomorrow." Frannie went to bed that night feeling a little better. She felt even better the next day when the teacher handed out a study guide.

"Now class, these questions in the study guide are very similar to the questions on the test. If you fill out this guide, you should get a good grade on the test. I'm sure everyone will do just fine," said Mrs. S. Frannie was feeling a lot less scared now.

At lunch Suzy, Tommy, Carter, Bonnie, Jordan and Frannie all talked about what they were doing that evening. Suzy went first, "I'm going to study for the test.""Me, too,” said Carter and Tommy.

"We don't have a test tomorrow in our class, so Jordan and I are going to swim over to the high school and watch the big finball match against Tidewater Town," Bonnie announced excitedly. "Oh, I want to come," Frannie said.

"You can come," Jordan said, "Just meet us at the high school after school today. Bonnie's mom will be there too."

"Frannie, shouldn't you study for the test tonight?" Suzy asked. "I looked over some notes last night, and as long as I finish the study guide, I'll be fine." Frannie told Suzy.

"Are you sure? Because it's not enough to just look over the stuff, you have to try to understand it and remember it all, too." Suzy said. "I'll be fine, just chill out," Frannie was getting mad. "Okay," said Suzy. "I was just trying to help."

"I know, but don't worry I'll do fine on that test." Frannie smiled at Suzy.

That night Frannie went to the finball game with Jordan and Bonnie. The game started at four-thirty. It went into overtime, and didn't end until seven. By the time the game was over, the three friends were very hungry. Bonnie's mom treated them to a late dinner at the Coralville Diner. Frannie didn't get home until eight. She was so excited and told her parents about the game, the kelp burger she had at the diner, and how much fun she had with her friends. Before she knew it, it was eight-thirty and time for bed. Suddenly Frannie remembered that she hadn't done a single one of her study questions!

When her parents came in to say goodnight, Frannie knew they noticed the look on her face. They asked if everything was okay. She lied and said yes; she didn't want them to be disappointed in her for not studying.

Frannie could hardly sleep that night. She was worried about the test and what her friends would think. She knew she had made a mistake by not studying, and she wished she could swim back in time to fix it.
After an extremely quiet bus ride, Frannie swam into the classroom with her head hanging down. She was very upset with herself. She tried not to think about how little she had studied.

As soon as the bell rang, everyone swam into class, and Mrs. S swam to the front of the room.
"Okay class, are you ready for your first test?" she asked.

"Yes!" said everyone, but Frannie. Frannie swallowed hard as Mrs. S passed out the test. Frannie took her paper and stared at it, scared to begin.

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