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The arrival of Veera Alakeshwara

Veerabahu, who defeated Veera Alakeshwara, became the rightful ruler of the Sinhala people. He belonged to the 'Menavara' clan. His mother was a sister of Alakeshwara (elder). There is no definite mention about his father. Veerabahu learnt the art of warfare under his famous uncle Alakeshwara and served in his army. He became a warrior.

Captured ship provides the first transmitter

Radio equipment salvaged from a captured German ship and turned into a small transmitter by Central Telegraph Office (CTO) engineers gave the start for the setting up of a broadcasting service in Sri Lanka way back in 1923. Gramaphone music was broadcast from a tiny room in CTO using the small transmitter. Barely three years later, a regular broadcasting service was inaugurated.

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