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Sunday, August 26, 2007
Vol. 42 - No 13

Chaos in Kelaniya and unused bridges

Traffic congestion on the Kelani bridges is a serious problem. Numerous users are inconvenienced when coming in to and leaving Colombo. The economy of the country suffers from the enormous waste of fuel and productive time. There is an onerous burden on the security personnel who have to check the congested traffic.

Why are two bridges which are built across the Kelani river not opened to traffic? There is a bridge which could connect Mattakkuliya and Vystwyke road to the Hendala Uswatakeyawa road. The Colombo end approach roads have not been made, although the bridge was completed many years ago. The approach now goes through the narrow winding Hendala Ferry road crowded with rows of small buildings.

The road surface is in a deplorable condition. What is the reason behind this? Is it that a few Sri Lankans have decided to hold their fellow countrymen to ransom by not vacating their premises? Is it a case of bureaucracy squabbling over the trace of the approach road, aggravated by meddling parties in local politics? Are we to accept this position? Is there no public spirited statesman who can solve this problem? The one who does solve it should have his statue erected by the approach road.

There is another bridge across the Kelani river from near the Kelani Rajamaha Vihara premises. Work on this bridge,named Kelanisiri bridge, started 13 years ago and was completed a few years ago. It is a two lane smaller bridge good enough for light vehicles. Two bus routes start from the Colombo end. Buses go to Borella and Pettah. Pedestrians have to walk across the bridge to get to these buses.

Could our energetic Ministers of Roadways and Transport visit these bridges and take action to make them public thoroughfares and not let the money spent on them be wasted? Perhaps our President well known for his prompt action, could look into this.

By D. Seneviratnem, Colombo 6.

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