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Sunday, June 17, 2007
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Co-chairs to tighten screws on Lanka
The four Co-chairs meeting in Oslo next week are to consider the next step in the face of Sri Lanka’s refusal to bow to western pressure to halt the war, allow international monitors to oversee human rights obligations and to be cowed by cuts in western aid.
Population will decline after 2040
Sri Lanka’s population will decline after 2040, primarily due to a significantly low level of fertility, a think-tank has warned. Research by the Institute of Policy Studies has revealed that Sri Lanka’s population which is around 20 million now will reach 20.1 million by 2011 and could attain its peak of 21.1 million in 2031.
Blair offers to mediate
Outgoing British Prime Minister Tony Blair, has offered to help resolve the Northern conflict in Sri Lanka after he steps down from office later this month.
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They rant and rave, they wax lyrical, they crack each other up; they spout poetry, abuse and sympathy; they analyse politics, plays and personal problems; they post videos, photographs and racy limericks.
Painters in the sky
The beautiful white dagobas of Anuradhapura are wonders of the world, admired by all who see them. However, maintaining the glory of these gigantic structures is no easy task. They need constant care and little known to the public, there is a group of people who risk their lives......
An IT legend
This is a day and age when technology and the machine have such a say over the course the world takes that it is easy to forget the power of the human spirit: the difference a single human being can make upon his or her environment. We’ve seen and unfortunately are still witness to, negative examples. How wars can start because of the decisions of individuals, for example.

Though each step is dangerously explosive, a Sri Lankan deminer is seen defusing or removing landmines at Verugal in the Trincomalee district before civilians are resettled there. He is one of the Sri Lankans trained in demining by experts from Denmark and India. The scheme is being funded by Denmark and Japan. Pic by A.T.M. Gunananda


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Inside the glass house

A new film will examine a centuries-old tradition among some underprivileged Indian communities where girls in the family become prostitutes, with their brothers and fathers acting as pimps.

Police weak against abductions, ransoms
The Police, as an arm of the government, are weak in containing abductions and threats-for-ransom while the role of permanent Secretaries must be re-defined by Parliament, an email poll by The Sunday Times FT shows.
Yaddehige sells RPC firms despite vehement denials
The Richard Peiris group sold off Asia Capital Ltd, one of its subsidiaries, despite vehement denials earlier by Group Chairman Dr. Sena Yaddehige saying that ‘neither the company nor its Chairman has any intention of entertaining offers to sell RPC or dispose of any of its business.’
Global warming and Lankan chaos
An interesting email doing the rounds these days refers to the water crisis in the year 2070. It shows a man who has just turned 50 but looks more like 85 years.

Now it's catch TWENTY - 20
Have you seen a well attired couple waltzing across the floor of the hall in a butterfly like rhythm – in cricketing parlance I put it down to Test cricket – it’s traditional, graceful and yet more, very demanding. Then you suddenly switch to samba or the rumba and that can be a bit of a body jarring exercise...
Shailendra guides Royal
Come next week this time the fate of the Bradby will be known. Royal made sure that they are intent on winning it back when they turned in a reasonably adequate performance to down S. Thomas’ 22-18 to win the Michael Guneratne Trophy at Longden Place yesterday.
The pack is reshuffled
Bangladesh arrives in Sri Lanka not too long after fairing poorly against India in both the ODI’s and Test matches.

Down with a bout of Gout!
The old adage that eating and drinking too much causes gout has now been proved wrong,

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Preserving traditional dance
The Tower Hall Foundation, after years of activities to promote and preserve traditional nadagam and nurthi, has taken initiatives to conduct workshops for the youth who are interested in learning about nurthi and nadagam and take part in them as well as preserving them.
Commander Sanka
"My dear Commanders, you have to bear one thing in mind. The age of a leader is immaterial. What really matters is skill, the power and the ability to come to correct decisions. So please do remember that my intentions are pure. They are all for the good of my country. All I want is to unite this country which is divided. Let my step-father's army come chasing me.
A rare opportunity to see world renowned Buddhist films will be in Sri Lanka when a festival of cinematic creations related to themes of Buddhism begins at the Elphinstone theatre in Colombo this week.
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