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Sunday, April 08, 2007
Vol. 41 - No 45

My resurrection

I was always self-confident
And self sufficient.
I needed no one – for I could cook,
wash and iron my clothes, keep a
tidy house, domestic help I needed
Not, for really I could do it all better.

In the office I quickly mastered
The art of business and using my initiative
Was soon a great success. Everyone
Came to me with their problems, for
I always solved them and soon I was
in demand as an ace trouble shooter.

Socially I never relied on artificial
Stimulation, I needed no Dutch courage.
I depended on my own personality.
Then came the crisis,
Executives who feigned to be my good friends
Fabricated a case against me.

I then turned to the Lord
And changed my self-confidence
To Christ-confidence.
Like David I began to totally rely on
God’s assurances in the Bible,
And suddenly all my fear left me.

The Bible revealed to me that
Anything that can happen to me
Has happened to someone else
Before, so I stopped feeling
Sorry for myself and began
To peruse the Book of Life.

To my surprise I found
The same happening, the solution, the result and the repercussions
That followed were unmistakably
Found in the pages of the Holy Book
Written with God’s inspiration.

The first was, “Be still, and know that
I am God. (Ps 46.10) and like the
Stormy breakers of the sea I became calm.
“Evil men testify against me
and accuse me of crimes I know
nothing about.” (Ps.35.11).

“Even my best friend, the one I trusted most,
the one who shared my food, has turned against me.” (Ps.41.9)
“All those who hate me whisper to each other about me,
they imagine the worst about me” (Ps.41.7).
“I know that I will not be disgraced,
for God is near, and he will prove me innocent.” (Is.50.7,8)

“The Lord reached down from above
and took hold of me;
He pulled me out of the deep waters.
He rescued me from my powerful enemies
And from all those who hate me.” (Ps.18.16,17).
Then the awesome truth of God’s words came to pass.

“All my accusers will disappear;
They will vanish like moth-eaten cloth.” (Is.50.9).

“He keeps me from the grave
and blesses me with love and mercy.
He fills my life with good things,
So that I stay young and strong like an eagle.” (Ps.103.4,5).
God then like He did David,
Blessed me abundantly with His Amazing Grace.

By Upatissa Attygalle

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