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Sunday, April 08, 2007
Vol. 41 - No 45

Honesty was his hallmark

Al Haj Nizam Jabir

On April 5 we would have celebrated his 63rd birthday, however, Allah willed it otherwise, for He chose to take him to his own realm.

Al Haj Nizam Jabir was a mild-mannered man, though he had his principles and adhered to them. In his dealings with others, be they rich or poor, he was scrupulous. He saw to it that no one ever came back to his doorstep with even a whisper of a complaint, let alone a loud grumble. He showed love and respect to others and he got them back in full measure.

He was a gem-merchant who was generous, Honesty was his hallmark. He was so fair that there never was an instance when anyone was angry or upset over any transaction. We have lost our best advisor and precious father and grandfather. Mere words cannot sum up his love for all. However, the earth is no place for eternal life.

As the Quran says, “Kulli Nafsin Zahikathil Mouth”. It is that each must come face to face with death one day. Therefore, separation is only for a short time until we meet again in Jennathul Firdouse. Then we shall live together as one family there. Insha Allah! Ameen.

By Children and Grandchildren

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